Youth Entrepreneurship Success: Business Concepts for the Teen Entrepreneur

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A considerable segment of the population is involved in starting or running their own business enterprises. The trend towards entrepreneurship is on the upswing, and is likely to carry forth in that direction into the future.

Another reality associated with small business trends is the increasing number of young people, including teens, who are budding entrepreneurs. With this in mind, there are a number of business concepts that ideally are suited to the teenage entrepreneur.

teen business ideas
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Senior Errand Service

In this day and age, seniors are seeking out a myriad of services that permit them to enjoy the most independent living situation possible. One are in which seniors routinely are in need of assistance is in the arena of running errands. A senior errand running service represents an ideal business opportunity for a teenage, and one in which the demand for assistance will continue to increase as an increasing number of Baby Boomers enter their Golden Years.

Garage Cleaning Service

Many, many people have garages that are disaster areas. Indeed, being able to maneuver an automobile into the space proves a truly challenging task.

Another example of an ideal teen business is a garage cleaning service. The reality is that a teenager is likely to keep busy undertaking cleanup efforts in his or her neighborhood alone.

When considering a cleanup service, a young person is wise to maintain a focus on a particular type of endeavor. A garage cleanup service is a prime example. Rather than broadly marketing a cleanup service, by keeping the focus, potential clients are more apt to respond. For example, when they hear of a garage cleanup service, that is more likely to trigger “I need my garage cleaned out” than is the case when only a generalized cleanup service is advertised.

Yard Service

For generations, mowing lawns and other types of assistance with the yard has long been in the province of young people. Yard service represents a solid entrepreneurial endeavor your a teen. There are examples of teens really taking the bull by the horns when it comes to a yard service venture. They enlist a cohort of fellow teens to work as a team in satisfying the lawn and garden needs of homeowners.

Social Media Consulting

Teens typically are highly adept at making the most of social media. An ever increasing number of businesses, and professionals, are attempting to utilize social media as a means for marketing their goods and services. A teen can launch what very well might prove to be a profitable, successful business as a social media consultancy. Such an enterprise typically can be started with the equipment and resources a teenager already has on hand.

Candle Making

For the young person with a creative bent, candle making represents a potentially profitable business concept. This type of endeavor does require an initial investment in candle making supplies. However, the upfront costs are not tremendous.

One marketing strategy that oftentimes proves effective for a teen embarking on this type of business is creating seasonal candles. The fact is that candles can be crafted to match a multitude of holidays and other elements associated with specific times of the year.

Web Design Service

Another business concept well-suited to a teenager is web design. Of course, a teen needs an aptitude for this type of work. A variety of readily accessible training opportunities are available to a teenager interested in learning more about web design.

A teen might want to consider starting a web design service that focuses on a particular market segment. For example, a teen might want to start a web design company that focuses on clients in the restaurant industry. In time, a teen can set his of her self up as an expert in web design for a specific industry.


A growing number of business, as well as professionals of different types, are coming to understand how effective blogging can be in marketing their products or services. Blogging can be extremely useful in establishing or developing a brand.

The problem is that a small business owner oftentimes doesn’t have the time to appropriately take on a blog. Moreover, more than a few business owners simply do not understand the ins and outs of effective blogging.

Blogging presents another business idea to a teen who has a propensity for writing and has an understanding of the workings of the internet. Even with only a few clients, a teen can bring in a respectable amount of money blogging for a small business or some type of professional.

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