Dads On Mom Meet Mom?

With a name like Mom Meet Mom, it might be hard to imagine that we’re interested in helping dads make friends, too!

Sure, the name might be a bit off-putting to dads, but the way we see it, dads, especially dads who are the primary caregiver for their kids and stay-at-home dads, have pretty much the same needs for support, friendship, and commiseration that moms have. And we know it can be hard for stay-at-home dads to make friends – there just aren’t very many stay-at-home dads, for one, and some moms might be reluctant to make friends with men.

Fortunately, Mom Meet Mom can help! If dads can see past the name, Mom Meet Mom provides a great opportunity for dads to make friends with compatible personalities, schedules, and kids!

We hope dads will consider giving us feedback about how we can best serve dads who are looking to make friends!



3 Responses

  1. I think it’s not just a matter of the site’s name; you could do some other trivial things to make the site more dad-friendly.
    a) Create a more male looking optional avatar
    b) Make a FAQ entry to reflect the fact that dads are welcome.
    c) Make more male options for the ‘About you’ questions. Right now, there are options for ‘grandmother’, ‘caretaker’, ‘aunt’, etc., but no ‘dad’.

  2. >it might be hard to imagine that we’re interested in helping dads make friends
    Hard? Try “impossible” considering:
    • No mention of dads in the FAQ.
    • Show me anywhere in the marketing that mentions dads. On the front page, “mom” appears 35 times. “Dad”? Zero!
    • Any mention of dads in the “About” page? Nope.

    • Hi Cory! We surveyed a bunch of dads before launching the site and while we invite dads to sign up and check out Mom Meet Mom, what we found was that dads were looking for a different experience. We’re still working on figuring out what that looks like. We’d love to include you in our research if you’d like to join our panel of dads. Thanks!

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