Love for Mama… A Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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This Valentine’s Day we are so excited to bring you a whole lot of love from four incredible brands! Consider this giveaway our special Valentine’s Day present from us to all the mamas out there – we know how hard it is to be a mom these days and so we wanted to give you a treat. First, something to help you care for your little ones. Next, something gorgeous for you. Then something to make your little ones look and sleep like the angels you know they are. So check out the goods – we bet you’re gonna love ’em – and then enter at the bottom of this post!





The GOODS: The ENTIRE Monsters Collection from Cosco Kids (winner chooses color)!


Cosco Kids Monsters Collection review


Do you have a lil’ monster rolling, crawling or tottin’ around? Thanks to Cosco Kids, one lucky mama will go home with the ENTIRE new Monster Collection featuring Syd and Shelley including a portable crib/play yard, high chair, walker, and umbrella stroller. The winner can choose from the following vibrant colors brought to you by the friendly monsters Syd (blue) and Shelley (pink). Hello Mamas Co-founder & CMO Christa Terry had chance to check out some of the collection and had this to say:

First off, I love the designs! Syd and Shelley are so different from the characters that were on baby gear just a few years ago. These are the kinds of designs that grow with your little one because they’re just as fun for babies as they are for toddlers. My own little monster, Hunter, and I had a blast on a chilly day in the Syd umbrella stroller. Now we normally like walks but getting out and about in a stroller shaped like a grinning monster? That had Hunter over the moon. As soon as we opened Syd – yes, we’ve been calling him by name – Hunter was hooked and so was I. I’ll admit to not having been much of an umbrella stroller user in the past but I was happily surprised at how sturdy and stable this stroller is while still being super lightweight and folding up small enough to stick in a corner of the trunk for trips to the MOS or Museum of Fine Art.


Cosco Kids Monsters Collection BLUE review


I also checked out the Shelley play yard and the Syd high chair, and what immediately jumped out at me was how EASY they were to set up. I have wrestled with a portable crib in my day and so I was kind of expecting the same battle, but nope! They’re not kidding when they say both set up “in a snap” and I love that. How cool – especially for moms of little ones who don’t have a lot patience yet. And the high chair folds almost completely flat so it’s the kind of thing you could easily take to the grandparents’ house if you needed to. 

Scope more great gear from Cosco Kids here: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

The Goods: A gorgeous Momlife – The Good. The Bad. The Lovely. Sweatshirt from Mason Blake Apparel


Screenshot 2016-02-13 at 7



As mamas we find out pretty fast what we’ve gotten ourselves into, amaright? Well this gorgeous momlife sweatshirt from Mason Blake Apparel spells it out clear as day and we LOVE how ugly is replaced with lovely because, let’s face it, when we look back years from now, the ugly moments will be nothing but lovely. It really goes by that fast.


Win It!


Scope more gorgeous mama looks from Mason Blake Apparel here: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

The Goods: A $50 gift card to spend with Feltman Brothers



Feltman Brothers has been around for more than 30 years providing elegant, vintage-style clothing and accessories for children ages newborn to toddler.  Sophisticated baby take-home attire, layette needs, sacred occasion gowns, holiday wear, and newborn booties paint a vivid snapshot of what on-the-go parents are often looking for in the market. Parents can rest easy knowing that Feltman Brothers’ reputation is built on a solid commitment to quality, incomparable fabrics, exclusive designs, and attention to detail.


feltman brothers baby clothes bonnets review


Hello Mamas Co-founder and CEO, Meg, had a chance to share her own experience with this timeless brand:

This week we received a gorgeous dress in the mail from Feltman Brothers. The next morning, before my husband and son woke up, my daughter and I went downstairs and opened the box together. A huge smile came over her face when she realized the dress was for her. She immediately put it on and danced around the room. With the sunrise beaming through the windows, I grabbed my camera and followed along. Completely lost in her imagination, she played, her shadow following along in the background. I thought of Peter Pan. I thought of her youth… her innocence. This is what it’s all about. Her brother came quietly down the stairs and joined her for morning play. His shadow also joined in the fun. 


-All you need is faith and trust. And a lil bit of pixie dust...- Peter Pan


Shop more gorgeous styles from Feltman Brothers: Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Goods: An amazing Olie Swaddle from The Ollie World!

the Ollie world swaddler review giveaway

The Ollie Swaddle review giveaway


It’s snuggle buggle time!  Mama’s best friend, The Ollie Swaddle, has unveiled its new Nature Collection. The Nature Collection features four new colors—Lavender, Sky, Nest and Stone. The new solid colors are soothing, calming and sleep inducing. Certain colors and patterns can be over-stimulating to your little one’s eyes and consequently could have the opposite effect of soothing.

Ollie Swaddle’s patented moisture-wicking material supports the health and development of your little one from day one. The luxuriously soft and gentle feel keeps your baby tightly swaddled while regulating their temperature to keep them comfortable and cool which reduces the risk of overheating. The Ollie Swaddle allows quick access for diaper changes and is made to grow with your baby through important transitional stages while supporting them as they hit important developmental milestones. Swaddling your baby also assists in reducing spontaneous arousal, maintains the supine position, reduces the risk of SIDS, and improves neuromuscular development in preemies. 




Shop more styles from Ollie World: Website | Instagram | Facebook 


Now that’s an amazing lineup and an amazing Valentine’s Day present, right mamas? Entry is SUPER easy – just visit these sponsors’ websites and leave a blog post comment telling us something interesting about them or their products. Don’t forget to finalize your entry using the Rafflecopter widget! That’s also where you can find extra entries to give you a winning edge. You have until Friday to enter – that’s when we’ll choose FOUR lucky mamas to win these sweet gifts! Good luck & XOXO

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    My favorites from the sponsors are the pink walker, the lavender Ollie swaddle, the rose garden toddler dress from Feltmans and the But I love it T-shirt from Mason Blake. I think the collection is amazing!

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