This Halloween, Will You Go Teal with Me? #TealPumpkinProject

Halloween used to be a favorite holiday of mine but over the past three years Halloween and I haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye. You guessed it, I am one of those new super awesome allergy moms.

I still love the holiday, I still get excited about the costumes and creepy decorations, but yes, it becomes a bit more difficult to enjoy the trick-or-treating as my fright night fear now runs far deeper than ghosts and goblins. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about this adorable guy….





My little guy (and the millions of other kids like him) can’t just go trick-or-treating like we did when we were younger. You know, how we went out without a care in the world and on one night a year were happy to take sweets from strangers? Not him. While his peers (and their older brothers and sisters) get all excited about walking around town, knocking on doors in the dark, this guy hasn’t had the privilege. What’s stopping him? I hate to say it, but it’s the candy.

Now, if you’re rolling your eyes already, I feel you. Can’t we all just eat a damn Reese’s? Except no. Not all of us can. And that’s okay. There are a lot worse things in the world than a food allergy. It might not seem that way for some of us at first, but there are. If someone in your family has a life-threatening food allergy you get it. And if you’re not a food allergy parent, I imagine you’ve felt enough of a shift and met enough food allergy kids to get it, too.

So this year, for kids like mine or maybe your kids’ best friends, whether you are a food allergy parent or not, I encourage you to join our house on Halloween by taking part in a new tradition launched by FARE. It doesn’t mean you have to ditch the candy all together, just add a bowl with a couple of fun non-candy items. It’s actually pretty easy!

This Halloween, FARE is encouraging food allergy families to start a new tradition: painting a pumpkin teal and placing it on your porch as a sign to other families managing food allergies that you have non-food treats available at your home. Your teal pumpkin is also a way to raise awareness in your neighborhood about food allergies!

Purchasing inexpensive non-food treats to hand out is a great way to include all children in trick-or-treating, and we hope that the Teal Pumpkin Project will be a tradition for years to come.


Examples of non-food items include: glow bracelets or necklaces, pencils, markers, boxes of crayons, erasers, bubbles, mini Slinkies, whistles or noisemakers, bouncy balls, coins, spider rings, vampire teeth, mini notepads, playing cards, bookmarks, stickers, and stencils. Oriental Trading or Amazon are websites used by many parents to order these items (visit to shop on Amazon and donate a portion of your purchases to FARE).

Want to make sure that costume kids who just happen to have allergies (and their moms) know that your house is going to be a special one? Just print out FARE’s teal pumpkin poster and post it next to your door to notify trick-or-treaters that you are handing out non-food items in support of all children with food allergies. If you plan join to us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And so does my little guy and his pals!

Spread the word – #TealPumpkinProject 


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