The Worst Playdate Ever

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Even with the best of intentions, sometimes meetings with mom friends and playdates for kids can go awry. Sometimes there’s a disconnect between you and the other mom in attendance. Sometimes the kids just don’t get along. Sometimes everything is actually completely fine, and then one seemingly minor action blows up the world *forever* (we had one of these over the holidays – a kids’ “New Year’s at 5pm” party, as we were leaving, one of the parents affectionately tickled our very shy daughter’s belly without asking. She still talks about how much this upset her. Every day. Nearly 6 months later). If you’re really lucky, everything, absolutely *everything* goes haywire.

Thus, I introduce to you my Worst Playdate Ever.

So I had this idea that I needed to make mom friends in my local community. Our church lets members organize small activity groups, so I thought, “hey, why not?” and set up a group called Misfit Moms.

Now, I should say, I’m the most awkward church member ever. I’m naturally skeptical, I am distrustful of organized religion on principle, and my relationship with my chosen higher power is similar to what many people had with that one on-again-off-again boyfriend or girlfriend many people have in high school. So when I said, “misfit moms,” I thought I’d get people like me – weird, introverted loners with tattoos who felt like they didn’t belong anywhere. Alas…

One person signed up. One. And…well.

She had khaki pants and a pink cardigan sweater and felt like she didn’t fit in because she had three kids all under the age of 3.

Now, I have nothing against this, it just was not at all what I was expecting or hoping for. But I figured we should give it a try, anyway, because who knows?

We went to the park.


Okay, so my daughter (this predated the birth of my littlest)? She’s shy. And noise sensitive. And straightaway, my companion’s eldest is right there, practically nose to nose with my miss, and yelling, “COME PLAY WITH ME ON THESE ROCKS!” and for the record, she didn’t cry, but she did cling to me like her life depended on it. And then I tried to make conversation with the mom and it was just all long pauses. And then her middle kid ran off and needed chased down. And her baby was crying and I was holding it and couldn’t get it to stop. And then it started raining, which was actually lucky, because it gave us an excuse to stop before everything got worse. Nothing amazingly terrible happened, but it was just a sort of slow-motion train wreck. I wasn’t surprised or sad when, after that, she stopped replying to my emails.

The thing is, it wasn’t my fault that we didn’t get along – and it wasn’t hers, either. Nor was there anything bad about any of our kids. It’s just that living in the same town, and even going to the same church won’t necessarily mean that two people will get along!

Naturally, this experience helped inspire our development of Mom Meet Mom’s proprietary matching algorithm. We don’t just ask about your activities, but also your personality and your kids’ personalities, and we are constantly working to improve to ensure that you are meeting moms with whom you really connect!

What’s your worst playdate story?

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  1. Lesson-learned

    Weary of having a playdate with a competitive mom, i still decided to have my LO see her child. Bad mistake and will never invite her to my house. At first moment, she started to make comments of that her child wants to wear a bib bc mine did. I looked at her in shock bc her child was eating first with a bib on, while my daughter just sat down in her chair. THen the mom started to laugh saying her child is saying baby in chinese to my LO ( they are 5 months apart and her child is a giant!). She confirmed and was so proud of her daughter saying that. THen she mentioned what does my LO do in the weekends. I said gymboree. SHe replied very good and said nothing afterwards. WHen I asked her the same question- she said they go to the park and street festivals. IT just kept getting worse. When her child was taking toys from my LO hands, mom stated her child shares and bragged that how she is good. I can go on and on. THat woman is so insecure on her parenting skills that she just needed confirmation and reassurance that she is doing well. I knew this was coming and learned my lesson and so sorry that i had to put in LO through this.

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