The Kid’s Got Style: Meet Sandra and Jiselle

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It’s KID FASHION WEEK here at Hello Mamas – and we’ve tracked down some of the most stylish kiddos on Instagram to feature all this week. We’ve found amazing mama and child duos crushing it in the fashion space on Instagram, and today we’re excited to be featuring Sandra’s little one Jiselle! Jiselle may be young but she’s no stranger to the runway – and she has actually inspired her mama to have more fun with fashion! We had some questions for Sandra, which you can check out below, but don’t forget to visit us on Instagram to see which looks she wanted to share!



When did you first discover your little one’s love of fashion?

I discovered Jiselle’s love for fashion about 1 year ago when she would change her outfits 2 to 3 times a day and would want to pick out her own clothes when we would go shopping.

How has your little one’s love of fashion changed how YOU approach fashion?

It’s helped me appreciate it more. I have 3 older boys and before Jiselle I would just chose what fit the boys and that was it. Now with Jiselle we have to make sure the shoe, accessories and colors of the outfit are to her liking.


What’s your favorite thing about sharing your little one’s looks on social media?

My favorite thing is being able to let her express herself and let her stand out doing what she loves to do. Being a fashion model

And a bonus question for your little one: What do you love best about your mama?

My mommy let’s be me Myself.


Be sure to check out Jiselle on Instagram and if you’re curious about the future of fashion, follow her. We bet you anything you’ll be seeing this adorable face in modeling campaigns in the not so distant future!

Head over to our Instagram page to see more featured kid fashion bloggers during The Kid’s Got Style week, as well as a few gorgeous giveaways (with super simple entry). Interested in taking over our Instagram account for a day? Email us at themamas at to find out what our theme will be for upcoming weeks! 



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