The Kid’s Got Style: Meet Gavin and Lynkon

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It’s KID FASHION WEEK here at Hello Mamas – and we’ve tracked down some of the most stylish kiddos on Instagram to feature all this week. We’ve found amazing mama and child duos crushing it in the fashion space on Instagram, but for the first day we’re featuring a trio! Kristina B. (the brains behind brand-friendly Life as KristinaB) is mama to Gavin and Lynkon, and is still rocking amazing looks in her second trimester. She also makes sure Gavin and Lynkon look amazing on social media and off it. We had some questions for Kristina, which you can check out below, but don’t forget to visit us on Instagram to see which looks she wanted to share!


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When did you first discover your little one’s love of fashion?

Gavin and Lynkon are almost 3 so I wouldn’t go as far as saying they “love” fashion, BUT they do understand the need for accessories-they’ll bring me scarves and hats (not always matching) if we are going somewhere. They are picky on the fit of their clothing-if their pants aren’t cuffed and they happen to step on the bottom…they will adamantly point this out until it’s fixed. As they’re growing and starting to have their own opinions I’m curious (and apprehensive) as to where their own fashion ideas will take them.

How has your little one’s love of fashion changed how YOU approach fashion? 

I think I speak for most moms…it quickly turned CASUAL chic. A pair of heals, wedges, or anything not of running caliber is questioned on importance for any occasion. I’m all about comfort with a side of accessories-glasses, scarves, fun shoes.

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What’s your favorite thing about sharing your little one’s looks on social media?

The genuine connections I’ve made with shop owners and other moms. I’ve acquired so many great friends that came simply from sharing my kids dressed in our favorite shops!

And a bonus question for your little one: What do you love best about your mama?

At almost 3, this was fun…. “mama pretty” (they’ve been trained to tell every person this)… “Mama sick” (I’m pregnant and have been extremely sick…poor kids have been told this one too many times). That’s all I got before their toddler attention was on to something else!

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More about Kristina B. and her awesome little guys:

Gavin and Lynkon are 2.5 year old twins who live in Western New York and frequently travel to Florida. They love all things dinosaurs, ninja turtles, and trains. Although these 2 are twins they are fiercely independent in their personalities. Their mama’s passion for fashion quickly transitioned onto them and they love nothing more than to support their favorite shops! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

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