The Friday Forum Roundup!

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Hey, mamas! Hope you have amazing plans for this weekend! In case yours has been a busy week, here’s what’s new at Hello Mamas:

meet moms forum

  • This mom’s 6-month-old baby just won’t sleep through the night. And she has tried EVERYTHING. She wants to find mamas who’ve been there and learn how they got through it!
  • A few mamas report having MIL problems. (Even with perfectly nice MILs!) If your story is similar, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep the peace. What worked to smooth your relationship with your MIL?
  • TMI? Sure, but that isn’t stopping mamas from coming forth to report that, yes, they experienced tears during labor. Turns out a lot of us definitely did!
  • And finally, co-founder Christa wants to know – what were YOUR pregnancy cravings? So far, moms report craving everything from fruit punch to beer to meat to hot hot jalapenos.





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