Style Inspiration From Celebrity Moms (With Tips!)

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman. Despite the tiresome routine it leaves moms with there are a lot of moments to enjoy and cherish with your kids that makes one forget about all that is tough about it. However, when you’re entirely focused on being there for your kids and giving them everything perfect, you tend to ignore yourself. There is no such rule that says that mothers can’t dress stylishly and they are too busy to worry about what’s in trend and what’s out.

Well, yes, they are busy but that shouldn’t stop them from dressing up like they used to, before having kids. Look at celebrity moms like: Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes etc. who are winning at being amazing moms while keeping their style quotient in place. Given their sense of style and their various chic looks at numerous events, we decided to take inspiration from them and replicate their looks in the most effortless way.

For a Casual Switch:

celebrity mom style casual

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When it comes to dressing up casual choose comfort over anything. You can look as chic as Ciara, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, or even the Duchess Kate Middleton if you are comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. A casual pullover sweater, your regular go-to-tee, your most comfiest pair of jeans and a relaxing but vibrant payer of loafers, pumps, sneakers or flip-flops. Your casual day to day looks can be made new with the addition of layers like: denim vest, a letterman jacket, cardigan or a leather jacket if you want this off duty look to appear edgy.

Looking for Some Dressy Brilliance:

celebrity mom style black maxi dress

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When it comes to these celebrity mothers who have somehow got the best of both worlds, they have a quintessential appeal to their semi-formal or formal looks. Taking notes from the looks of mom divas like Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Heidi Klum, and Katie Holmes, we realize they are a fan of minimalism and simplicity. They don’t go over the top with makeup, accessories and their sartorial choices. In fact, they stick to their signature style and add or deduct from that depending on the need of the day.

This is one thing moms need to remember that no matter what, do not give up on your signature looks and style because that is something that adds up to your personality. You don’t necessarily have to dress too uptight or too sloppy once you step into motherhood. Learn to break down your looks in a way they don’t look too much. Your classiest maxi dress can be transformed into something special by accessorizing it right with some flat strappy sandals, a gorgeous scarf, a long chain necklace, wrist watch, sunnies with a stand out appeal and a bold lip color. That’s how the celebrities love to keep it simple yet glamorous.

Quick Tips!

  • With your kids you hardly get time to make hairstyles or blow-dry your hair every day, so how about you create some easy and quick updos like messy braids and bun or high ponytails.
  • You certainly don’t have time or the luxury of a stylist to help you in sprucing up your looks but keeping yourself groomed isn’t that tough. Just always keep your sunglasses, compact powder, a lipstick earrings, your favorite fragrance and your wrist watch in your bag.
  • When going out with kids or family, dress up all you want but make sure you wear something dark in color and your shoes should be extremely comfortable (best, if flats).
  • If you think loose fitting attires make you look unflattering then cinch them up around your waist with a belt to make them look more stylish and accentuating.
  • Don’t go about following rules like always wear empire waistlines, don’t wear stripes, don’t wear this or that color; wear whatever you want and whatever you like just carry it flawlessly.

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