A Car Seat Built To Last (Feat. Safety 1st) & a 10 Car Seat Giveaway!!!

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Have you ever had a moment of pure jealousy over an item your child got to use, but you couldn’t? Well I recently had this happen when our Safety 1st UltraMax Air 360 4-in-1 convertible Car Seat  arrived on our doorstep. I was asked by Safety 1st and the gals at Hello Mamas to give an honest review in exchange for this amazing car seat so let’s not delay shall we. (A little tip, there is a MASSIVE Giveaway at the end, for 10 LUCKY READERS!)

The very first thing I noticed when I took the car seat out of the box was how durable it was. Made with a steel reinforced frame, this bad boy is built to withstand a hit. The Air Protect cushioning is EVERYWHERE. I realized immediately that no matter what, if we got in an accident my child would be protected from every angle. The deep seat of the frame allows your child to sit snug and comfortably while driving.













I put my son in the car seat for the first time and just waited for him to fall asleep because it was so soft and comfy. I’m sure Safety 1st would rather not have me use words like “soft and comfy” but hey, that’s a great thing. As a mother (or parent for that matter) we want to know that while we are driving, we don’t have to stress the safety or comfort of our little ones. Safety 1st has allowed me that peace of mind.

This car seat fits EVERY stage of growth so you don’t have to continue to buy a new seat each time your baby outgrows one. The UltraMax Air 360 fits babies rear facing from 4 pounds to 50 pounds and then forward facing up to 65 pounds. Once your child is ready for a booster, it converts to a belt positioning booster for up to 120 pounds. The easy removal of the inserts allows the seat to gradually grow with your child.



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Due to the steel inner frame, this car seat is heavy and therefore not intended to be taken in and out (which might not work for you if you prefer the snap-and-go style with newborns). If you are looking for an infant travel system, they have other great options as well, which you can find here. This one, however, is intended to grow with the baby from birth on. This means it’s heavy duty and, in my opinion, prime for older babes and toddlers.

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Safety 1st has been our go to car seat for our little ones (my daughter’s seat is also Safety 1st)  because they take pride in truly making traveling safe for families. I believe that if you want a car seat that will be a staple piece in your family, a car seat that will allow you to travel in peace and a car seat that you know your child is comfortable in, then investing in the Safety 1st Ultra Max Air 360 Convertible 4-in-1 Car Seat is well worth it.




Want a chance to WIN one for your family? Well you’re in luck. Today Hello Mamas, Safety 1st and myself want to gift 10 (YES 10) lucky parents an UltraMax Air 360 Convertible 4-in-1 Car Seat for review through the exclusive Hello Mamas/Safety 1st First Look Program (How awesome is that?!?!). We want YOU to tell us what you think of these amazing car seats, too.

We made entering easy. Leave a COMMENT on this blog stating your favorite aspect of the Safety 1st car seat. Then check out the giveaway posts on Hello Mamas Instagram and Facebook page for extra entries, as well as on my own Instagram and Facebook page. 10 total winners will be selected from these platforms on 9/30/16

P.S. Don’t forget to follow Safety 1st on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the cool things they are doing to keep our kids safe!

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25 Responses

  1. Anastasia B

    I really like that it converts to a booster for kids up to 120 lbs (I’d be able to ride in one lol!) No need to buy another ever!

  2. The steel reinforced frame is definitely my favorite thing. It’s also a pretty adorable carseat with your little dude in there :) I really want something safe for my guy as well.

  3. Shana Richmond

    I love that it looks comfy and will be safe and comfortable as baby grows not just a few months!

  4. I love that it grows with your child so you don’t have to buy a new seat for every stage of your child’s growth.

  5. I love the way it was tested for every kind of crash, that it converts all the way up to a booster and the side AIR protection

  6. Mary Cate Javed

    I really love this: 4-in-1 car seat: Rear-facing for small babies 4-22 pounds, extended rear-facing for toddlers 15-50 pounds, forward-facing 22-65 pounds, and belt-positioning booster 40-120 pounds and 57″ tall.

    I also love this feature: QuickFit™ system for easy 10 position adjustment of both harness and headrest with one hand in one step.

    This car seat looks great too! Thanks for the chance to win one! xx

  7. Alexis Lavko

    I love that this is a 4-in-1 car seat, so you only ever need to buy one for your child instead of two or three. A real time and money saver.

  8. Jeanine Jones

    I love that it grows with baby! This would be a blessing!

  9. I like that its comfy and has the Air Protect cushioning. I want my little one to be comfortable and safe as much as possible.

  10. Stephanie Phelps

    I really love all the safety features including the GCell™ HX patented race car foam absorbs crash energy. What an awesome seat this is and would be perfect for my little one!

  11. I love that it grows with baby! From a rear-facing to forward facing to booster! It’s great!

  12. Amanda Jordan

    I love that you can rearface up to 50lbs!

  13. Thanks for such a detailed review and for the opportunity to win one! This car seat sounds wonderful in that not only is it built for safety with a steel frame and proper cushioning, but it also has comfort in mind for little ones. And it will grow with little one from infancy through childhood years!

  14. I like to install my carseat and leave it, so I’m pleased to hear that it is heavy.

  15. Love the steel frame and that it grows with baby! My 6mo is long and will outgrow his infant seat before he hits 9mo. Would love to try this seat! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  16. I Love that the UltraMax Air 360 converts easily with the removal of the inserts. This allows the seat to gradually grow with your child through each stage. Basically, this car seat fits the needs of your baby through each stage of growth so you don’t have to continue to buy a new seat each time your baby grows into a new one. This seat is so awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  17. I love that it grows with baby! Thanks so much!

  18. I love that it goes to 120lbs with the booster and would last my youngest from now until he is big enough to safely ride in a car without a booster in 6+ years.

  19. My favorite aspect of the Safety 1st car seat is that it also a booster seat for years and years of use.

  20. Sara Anchundia

    Love that it work for us with a growing baby

  21. I love that it grows with the child so I don’t have to keep buying new ones as she grows

  22. I love that it grows with my baby and could keep him safe until he is past the booster stage.

  23. I like that it can be used for up to 120 pounds. Thanks for the chance.

  24. allyson tice

    my favorite feature of this car seat is that it has the QuickFit™ system for easy 10 position adjustment of both harness and headrest with one hand in one step

  25. I love that it’s also a booster and really is intended to grow with baby!

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