Safety 1st Wows us (again) with UltraMax Air 360 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat

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As you may know by now, we’re pretty in love with Safety 1st. As a partner of this brand, we’ve had the opportunity to get the inside skinny on what’s going on behind the scenes as they continue to release incredible products. What you see on the outside is a true result of the innovation and dedication that is happening on the inside… all with a vision that we can relate to – keeping our kiddos safe.

This was clear when we first met with the Safety 1st team a year ago. We talked exciting plans for the new year and ran through several of their products that fill the aisles of Babies R Us, Target, Walmart and other major retailers. As the conversation continued, we discovered that they have a wall filled with thank you notes from parents who were lucky enough to have selected and properly installed the car seat that saved their child’s life (*chills*). This is what what it’s all about folks. This is what motivates their team and the outcome is pretty incredible.


Photo Credit: Hello Mamas global influencer, Makelle, showcasing the Safety 1st Grow and Go Ex Air 3-in-1 car seat

If you happen to follow this brand, you may have noticed a few car seat releases over the past year that are like nothing we’ve seen before. Safety 1st kicked 2016 off with a BAM, launching the Grow and Go AirGrow and Go Sport Air, and Grow and Go Ex Air. As with new cars, these seats are customized to fit your lifestyle while keeping your little ones safe and comfy. 



But it doesn’t stop here folks. Just when we thought things couldn’t get better – Safety 1st pulled the sheet on the UltraMax Air 360 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat



Not only has the UltraMax Air 360 exceeded US standards, the car seat has also been tested for many other kinds of crashes. Rear impact, side impact, and even rollover testing have been performed on the UltraMax Air 360. It is one of very few car seats to pass new European standards for Rollover (ECE R44 Supplement 7). With crash testing from every angle you can travel with confidence and the knowledge that you have a truly superior safety system.

Built to provide maximum safety for the ones you love…

  1. Air Protect cushioning system, developed with superior safety testing that exceeds government standards, for IMMEDIATE crash protection
  2. GCell HX protection, based on the same foam that protects race car drivers to provide maximum comfort and safety
  3. Steel reinforced frame adds stability
  4. Motion control headrest contains movement
  5. Soft foam throughout seat
  6. Deep seat structure shields your baby



Key features: 

– 10 – Position Headrest: Protects your child through every growth stage

– Multiple Recline Positions: For an easy fit to your car

– Harness Holders: To get your child in and out with ease

Taking the UltraMax for a spin… or two

I had the chance to try out the new UltraMax with my kiddos, and I have to say I was extremely impressed. I’ve had the opportunity to test drive a lot of car seats. You can just tell that this one is built to sustain extreme impact. It’s solid.

My oldest is 4 years old and his head is larger than mine. No really. I’m dead serious. While that in and of itself is pretty funny, when it comes to car seat safety, it makes mama very nervous. In selecting car seats, I am especially cautious about head support. The reality is that the weight of his head paired with gravity puts him at a higher risk for neck injury. The UltraMax provides incredible head support.












Typically when we test car seats, we use Jack as our Guinea pig to test for safety (with a focus on the head) and Elle to test for comfort. If the seat is a winner, Jack’s head will look secure and Elle will pass out within minutes. As she did with the Grow and Go Ex Air – this little monkey was out cold in 6 minutes….












Bonus? The Air Protect cushioning (developed with superior safety testing that exceeds government standards)  also makes for an excellent pillow which is clutch especially for the longer rides.



Are you interested in testing and reviewing cool new products from Safety 1st?

As we continue to follow along with Safety 1st innovate on behalf of the safety of our little ones, we are excited to provide Hello Mamas members with exclusive access to the Hello Mamas Safety 1st First Look Program.  As a member of this program, you will be considered to test some of the coolest new Safety 1st products out for yourselves. Make sure to create your free account at Hello Mamas and keep an eye out for the official unveiling of the First Look Program, which just happens to launch during Car Seat Safety Week – how perfect is that?

P.S. We are giving away 10 brand new Safety 1st Ultramax Air 360 Car Seats in celebration of this launch! Entry is easy – all it takes is a comment!





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