Giveaway: We LOVE the New Safety 1st Grow and Go Ex Air!

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Like what you see? Safety 1st is one of the sponsors of our We Love Ya, Mama! Giveaway! Enter to win a a brand new Safety 1st Grow and Go Ex Air here! Safety 1st is one of the sponsors of our We Love Ya, Mama! giveaway. Just so you know, while we received product from this brand for review, all opinions are our own.

We are OBSESSED with safe car seats over here at Hello Mamas, so it’s no surprise that we’ve grown quite fond of the new Safety 1st Grow and Go Air line, including the newest model, the Grow and Go EX Air, featuring Air Protect. The Air Protect feature is what we are most excited about. At first glance it’s clear that my child has a ton of protection on both sides of her head. This is critical, especially in the case of a side-impact accident.


When the car seat arrived, I was first drawn to the quality of the fabric. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test drive quite a few car seat models – with designs ranging from standard to premium and luxury.  In my opinion, the Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air gives off a premium impression, and yet the price is very reasonable compared to similar products on the market.

We were also pretty blown away by the overall versatility of the seat, which is designed to grow with your little one from birth on. Back to safety for a minute – all of us at Hello Mamas are big on rear-facing. This car seat takes rear facing to a whole new level. The Grow and Go Ex Air is designed to support extended use rear-facing up to 50 pounds!

You can then transition to forward-facing up to 65 pounds and once your child is ready, move along to booster up to 100 pounds. For mamas and dads with extra long legs, youĺl be happy to hear that the compact install allows for up to 7 inches of additional leg room for you you.


Grow and go ex air graphic_onyxcrush


The Install

It took me between 10-15 minutes to install the seat the very first time – but it’ll definitely be quicker in the future. All in all, installing this convertible car seat was pretty straight forward and the manual was illustration-heavy, which I prefer to text instructions.

The true test: how would little miss Elle react to her new ride?

Let me tell you – she is actually quite a picky lady. She gets frustrated when certain fabrics touch her skin, so I was pumped to see the extra soft belt protection which keeps the straps from cutting into her neck.



Approximately three minutes into our first test drive (and that is so not an exaggeration), Elle was out cold. Seeing her sleep so peacefully brought to my attention a side benefit of the side Air Protect. They serve as a head rest, significantly minimizing the chance of her head falling forward – something that drives me absolutely bananas.  Gosh, if I could count the number of times I’ve pulled over because it looked like my sleeping babe’s head was slumped so far forward I was convinced something had to be wrong.



The double cup holders also ended up being a major bonus. She typically will keep a sippy cup in one and she pretends her stuffed animals eat out of the other.

I’ll stop here but I encourage anyone shopping for a safe, comfortable car seat for your little ones to check out Safety 1st. It’s probably a lil cliche to say that it’s all in the name, but we’re pretty confident that this is the case with this brand.

And head on over to our giveaway page to try your luck at winning a brand new Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air car seat. Entry is super simple – just click here!




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