Renee shares her story on Why You Need Mom Friends!

Adalia was born just two months after my 20th birthday and two months after we moved to another state. I was thrilled to be a mom! Though I have never been “girly” I always wanted babies. Lots of babies! I was thrilled with Adalia. She was perfect and beautiful and the most amazing baby ever born on planet earth.
Because of our recent move, I didn’t have any friends, much less any mom friends. Oh, I knew lots of people; we attended a big church that my grandfather had started. We were welcomed warmly when we moved. But there is a big difference between acquaintances and friends. I had plenty of the former and not one of the latter. Adalia and I spent many long, lonely days in our tiny home. We lived in the basement of my grandma’s house. As much as I loved and appreciated grandma, it wasn’t quit the same as having mom friends. Chuck and I only owned on car, so when he was at work I was alone with no way to get out and meet other moms.
It was hard. Really hard.
Slowly, slowly I made a few mom friends, and then we moved. In our new location I faithfully attended La Leche League meetings, but only seeing ladies once a month wasn’t enough for me to form  true friendships. We still only owned one car so I was still housebound. My one real friend during that time was my sister-in-law, Tara, whom we shared a house with. Then in 1999 we moved here to Bellingham and I started attending MOPS. It was there that I formed my first close, lasting mom friendships.
But really, with kids this cute, who wouldn’t want to be my friend???
Having mom friends makes all the difference. Someone to vent to, someone to bounce ideas off of. And most importantly, someone to laugh with. I would not be able to survive my crazy life without a sense of humor and laughter. Mom friends are so important, and yet can be so hard to find.
That is why I am so excited about partnering with Hello Mamas. It is almost like a ‘match-making’ site for moms. I’ve been a member Hello Mamas for a few weeks now and (are your ready for this?) I’ve connected with a mom whose daughter has a double aortic arch! How exciting is that? Hello Mamas is designed for moms who are looking for friendship and even local meet ups.
Don’t allow yourself to become isolated and lonely. It isn’t good for you or your children. And if you end up signing up with Hello Mamas be sure and find me. I’d love to be your friend.
Renee Bergeron is 38 years old and delights in: good coffee, fabulous yarn and photography. She is mother of 14, wife to 1 and a professional birth photographer.
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  1. Renee I love this! Great for lonely moms to meet other friends :) your kids are gorgeous too!

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