Planning a Kid-Friendly Passover Seder

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I’ve already broached the issue of how to talk about rivers of blood and the killing of all the firstborn so now we get to the good stuff: Passover crafts and special Seder treats.

Passover Seder Plate with The seventh symbolic item used during the seder meal on passover Jewish holiday.

That’s right, it may take more than cleverly hidden afikomen to make your Seder kid-friendly! So get them involved from the outset.

First of all, don’t let your Seder be the first time your kid hears the Passover story. Explain what to expect to them in advance, and more than once. You can even turn this into a crafting opportunity by inviting your child to make his or her own Haggadot, drawing pictures as she learns the Seder traditions. These pages can be stapled or tied together with ribbon, or you can help your child make fancy Haggadah scrolls using toilet paper tubes.

And speaking of crafts, there are a bunch of ideas out there in internetland for homemade Seder plates. I especially like this one – less fancy, sure, but that also means that even very young kids can make their own special plate for the occasion.

Of course, food plays an important and prominent role in the observance of the Seder. Let your child pick out some special recipes to help prepare and eat during the Passover. Don’t overlook the significance of dipping, either! You’ll dip the karpas during your Seder, but, let’s face it, kids and dip are a match made in heaven! So make some dippable treats, like these amazing-looking potato chip zuchini sticks:

Of course, if you’re still stuck on how to talk to your kids about Passover, there are always these finger puppets:

Lice is my favorite.

Have any tips for a kid-friendly Seder? Share them in the comments!




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