Moms, You CAN Avoid Thanksgiving Stress

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FACT: Planning Thanksgiving and making it happen will be as stressful as you allow it to be. Now I’m not saying Thanksgiving – or any holiday – can be 100% stress free, because... READ MORE

Having Thanksgiving at Home With Kids

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Every year, my family has about ten different options when it comes to where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. And for about six years straight my husband and I celebrated at home. On the fourth... READ MORE

You’re (Plural) Pregnant… Oh, Really?

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Pregnancy can be an isolating time in a mom or mom-to-be’s life. I can remember feeling so alone during my first pregnancy, especially before my mister could feel the baby moving from the... READ MORE

Mother ≠ Martyr

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Motherhood and sacrifice seem to go together like strained peas and carrots. Starting the day you’re promoted to mama you’re sacrificing sleep, sex, and very likely sanity to keep your kids fed, healthy,... READ MORE

Meeting Moms: Why Must I Be Shy?

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I’ve recently come to prefer the term “introvert” to shy. Shy just sounds like there’s something wrong with being reluctant to go to big parties and preferring the company of a few, close friends to a large group of acquaintances. … Continued

Easy, Kid-Friendly Playdate Snacks

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Kids. When they’re not begging for chicken nuggets or some other gnarly thing, they’re begging to be excused from the table because they’re stuffed to the gills after eating what appears to be a single molecule of lunch. I’ve often … Continued

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