Owlet: Peace of Mind in a Small Package (Review & Giveaway)

Speaking from experience, one of the hardest things about leaving the hospital with a newborn is saying goodbye to the reassurance you get from having doctors and nurses watching your baby.

When you make the transition home, it’s just you and your baby and even more lost sleep. Why more? Personally, I had a preemie and when my daughter was in the NICU, I didn’t exactly sleep easy but I slept knowing that if something went wrong I’d get a call right away. But when she came home my husband and I spent many, many nights hovering over her bassinet feeling for the rise and fall of her chest.

“Is she breathing?” was a question we asked one another repeatedly.

And it’s not just something preemie moms do! Every mom worries about safety and up until now there has been nothing that could really reassure us our babies are okay or alert us when something is seriously wrong. But now there is, thanks to Owlet.

I would have loved to have had an Owlet smart sock baby monitor in those early days of new motherhood. I don’t know if we would have gotten more sleep but I might have been able to relax and enjoy my little baby a little bit more if I wasn’t devoting so much energy to worrying about her vital signs.

What makes the Owlet baby monitor different than most of the high smart baby monitors out there today – and there are plenty now – is the fact that it uses the same technology as hospitals use (pulse oximetry) to wirelessly monitor a baby’s heart rate and O2 levels using a little soft sock – in three sizes to grow with your little one – that’s not hooked up to any wires so it doesn’t bother baby’s sensitive skin.

owlet baby monitor reviewWhen your baby’s heart rate falls too low or rises too high, or if their oxygen level drops below a specific threshold, the alert comes through the base station and the Owlet app. That means wherever you are (near the base or out and about) you can relax knowing that if something isn’t right you’ll know about it and can do something about it. It’s so easy to use; it’s oops-proof!

The Owlet smart baby monitor was by a team of pulse ox specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists and pulmonologists, and underwent more than 100,000 hours of testing before its launch. Maybe that’s why it was awarded the 2016 CES Innovation Award and has been on so many new-mom must-have lists. I can tell you this – if I was a new mom today it would definitely be on mine! I know that statistically most babies do great at home away from the hospital or NICU but when you’re a first-time mom (and especially a preemie mom), a little reassurance goes a long way.

That’s why I’m so excited that we’re teaming up with Parents of Preemies Day (the only international day of awareness honoring the courage and commitment of parents of preemies) to give one lucky mama an Owlet smart sock baby monitor! The package the winner receives will include everything you see here:

Owlet smart sock baby monitor giveaway

This is amazing for any parent who can have peace of mind knowing their baby is being monitored. Preemie or not, the Owlet is already saving lives. To enter, just visit the Owlet website and comment here with a fact about their smart monitor. And for even more entries, use the Rafflecopter below! The winner will be chosen on December 16th – good luck!

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  1. Dawn Monroe

    I like that it works without WiFi and has 10000 hours of testing.

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