9 Ideas for New Moms to Stay Energized After Birth

Giving birth to a little human is a herculean task – something that cannot and should not be taken lightly. If you have recently given birth and are recovering from the exhaustion and initial glow, then you need to take out some ‘me’ time.

Yes, it sounds impossible, but you will only be able to properly care for your little bundle of joy when you have a healthy mind and body. That’s it. You are human too. More importantly, you need to reenergize after this momentous occasion of your life.

stay energized after giving birth - new mom advice

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Here are 9 simple ways to get the energy back and grant the love and attention your munchkin needs.

Start the Day with a Hearty Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will keep you energized throughout the day. Opt for foods like oatmeal, yogurt smoothies, eggs, whole grain cereals, whole wheat toasts, beans, and milk. They will help you feel full and active.

Fight for Rest/Sleep

Yes, sleep deprivation occurs in first few months, so don’t shy away. Ask for help and get the rest you need. Your partner, family, and friends can take a few days out for you and the baby so that you can catch up on your peaceful zzzs.

Exercise to Release Endorphins

Exercise releases the happy hormone, endorphins. So pick on some simple moves you can easily do and be sure to practice it every day. It will keep your body fit and your mind occupied.

Enjoy Baby-Daddy Time

This is essential, and the sooner you introduce this to both the baby and the dad, the more “me” time you will be able to have. Allow the father to spend some time with the baby every single day. Let him give the bottle or change the diaper or even give the bath. You can help the first few times and let them do it on their own afterward.

Remember the Sun Energizes

There is a reason why people are happier in the sun and on the beach. Sun is not only a source of growth for plants, but it is also excellent nourishment for you. Interestingly enough, the sun is also ideal for your baby. So soak up those revitalizing rays with your child anytime between 6 am to 10 am. Don’t forget to use adequate baby sun protection just to be safe.

Take a Bath (and Give One to Baby)

A warm shower or bath is just the thing for fatigue for both you and the baby. Give a bath to your little one and put them to bed. Then take a mug of coffee and relax in a warm bubble bath for 15 minutes. Ask the dad or neighbor to keep an eye on the little one while to distress.

Snack on Fruits

Studies show that fruits give an instant burst of energy. If you feel like your blood sugar is low after you pulled an all-nighter, just grab two bananas and eat them up. You can also make a delicious bowl of chilled fruit salad or freeze some mixed berries and enjoy them with yogurt as a sweet treat. The burst of energy will be instantaneous, not to forget refreshing.

Dress Up

There is nothing more fun than dressing up! Make sure that you buy some postpartum clothes for yourself and use them. Once you have taken a shower put on the new floral flowing dress or loose fitting pants with airy tops. Make sure you brush your hair and put some perfume as well as lipstick on. Even if you plan to stay home the entire day, this small ritual will help you feel refreshed and energized.

Hit the Spa or Cinema or the Mall

You need to leave the baby home once in a while. Even if your little one depends on breast milk, pump some out and hand it over to the grandmother/aunt or your friend. Either take the husband along on a date or spend some quality fun time with your buddies. Just doing this once a week will take the exhaustion of your shoulders and you will feel invigorated.

Incorporate these 9 new tricks in your daily routine, and you will feel the difference immediately. Don’t let the stress get to you and avoid any negative thoughts.

Remember, the happier and relaxed you are, the more comfortable your baby will be. Good luck!



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