What New Moms Really Need – All in One Giveaway!

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Nursery essentials? New mom must-haves? Truth be told, I think a lot of these types of lists go overboard. That’s why, to celebrate a giveaway we’re running with PureWow, TODAY Parents, and Babylist, I put together a list of the real essentials new moms need for their little bundles of joy. And guess what? Turns out, you don’t need a ton of gear to give your baby a wonderful life! Scroll down to see my list of what new moms really need!


A safe place to sleep

Maybe that’s in a crib or a cosleeper or even a portable play yard. Maybe they’ll only nod off when they’re snug in a DockATot. Some babies room in, and some snooze in their own rooms from Day 1. But all babies need a safe sleeping spot – firm mattress, safe bedding, and no plushies please! – where they can dream and grow.

Comfort and love

The most comfortable spot for a baby, as every mama knows, is right there in mama’s arms but sometimes you need two hands. That’s why so many moms are into babywearing these days. Carriers like the Ergo give families the perfect blend of convenience and closeness – so baby is happy and mama can get things done.

A high tech ride

And when I say high-tech, I mean built for safety. Convertible car seats are great but the very safest way for newborns to get from point A to point B is in an infant car seat. The upside of infant seats is that they have handles and pop in and out of the car so no need to wake a sleeping baby after a drive. Even better, many manufacturers are designing infant style seats that can go from birth all the way up to age 2!

Enrichment inside and out

Can your baby live without toys? Yes, and I’m not here to push pricey playthings since we all know that half the time they’re more interested in the box! But playtime is a must since play is how babies learn about the world and work those developing muscles. You can also live without a stroller, especially if you’re a babywearing pro, but sometimes it’s nice to go for a stroll without a baby strapped to you (especially if you’ve had a c-section). That’s when a stroller that can handle everything from cracked curbs to hiking trails comes in handy.

Something to wear

A diaper and a dream can get a baby far, especially in summertime, but when fall hits babies need to bundle up just like the rest of us. Swaddlers, soft onesies and snug-fitting sleepers, and other all-natural options are best for babies who often come into the world with sensitive skin. But as tempting as it is to buy a closet full of newborn clothes, remember that there’s going to be a lot of poop and puke on those outfits. Onesies and footies with simple closures are a lot easier on exhausted moms and dads!

Plus the basics

If you’re bottle feeding, you need bottles. Everyone should have a safe thermometer and the basic infant medicines ready to go. A little skin safe lotion, some baby soap, and maybe a pacifier or twenty… the truth is that babies, especially newborns, don’t need all that much. You’ll be trying to track down the latest and greatest toys for toddlers soon enough – enjoy this period of relative minimalism before your house gets taken over by Tonka!

And there you have it – a simple no-frills list of nursery must-haves! Now let’s talk about that giveaway!

What you win:

A 5-in-1 Dreamonme Convertible Crib from Thedomfamily , DockATot Deluxe from DockATot, Adapt Carrier from Ergobaby , Gold Plated Necklace from Tiny Tags, Washable Floor Rug from Lorena Canals Limited Edition Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi USA , Lotus Crib from Guava Family Play Gym, Teether & Pacifier Holder from Finn + Emma, Two Swaddles from The The Ollie World Pima Bundle from Feltman Brothers, Schwinn Jogger from Safety 1st , Breathable Crib Mattress from Lullaby Earth, and a Rocker Napper from Tiny Love… WOW!


It’s super easy and is open for the next month, so share everywhere! Good luck!



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