Win a Cosmopolitan Stroller from Mountain Buggy!

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We have a great giveaway ready to roll, mamas – and it’s luxe! We’ve teamed up with Mountain Buggy to help debut their new Cosmopolitan collection – a four-wheel modular stroller engineered for tough terrain but chic enough for the city.

Mountain Buggy_cosmopolitan_800 x 800px_2

Love it? Us, too! And that’s why we are giving one lucky mama a brand new Cosmopolitan stroller in the color of their choice (subject to availability) plus a freerider stroller board so a big brother or sister can come along for the ride! That’s what a life without limit should be all about, right?


How to Enter this Stroller Giveaway

It’s sooo easy – just use the widget below and don’t forget to snag those extra entries, mamas! Share, share, share to boost your chances of winning!

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47 Responses

  1. Would love to take my little one for a stroll at ,parks ,the zoo 👍🙌💜

  2. To the fall fairs where it is very hilly! this stroller will do the job!

  3. Leah fontaine

    I would take my two little to the park that we often walk to.

  4. Margaret Smith

    I would use this for walking around our neighborhood, to the playground, around the mall and basically anywhere where we’ll be doing a bit of walking.

  5. Angelica Dimeo

    I would use it at the park and walking in general

  6. go to grandmas

  7. Moriah Mayo

    If I win, I would take the cosmopolitan to Atlanta Zoo and then the aquarium before just strolling through one of the many malls. I would also love to take it just to one of parks! It would make things so much easier to take my 5 year old, 3 year old and newborn place!

  8. This would be awesome for my little baby boy.


    It would be so nice of a surprise for my wife and newborn…

  10. Daisy Navarrete

    If I win this beautiful stroller, I’d take my daughter everywhere. Not like I don’t already! LOL! But we can go shopping, or walks around the neighborhood, maybe even to grandmas house!!

  11. This is one very handsome bassinet/stroller!

  12. Kristina Prewitt

    If we win, our Cosmopolitan would visit the Indianapolis Zoo, Children’s Museum, and Botanical Gardens regularly!!

  13. Melissa Ashbrook

    Everywhere! I just got my walking legs back and I’m excited to use them. :)

  14. Kerri Freeman

    I would love to win this in order to comfortably complete our travels. We have Colorado, Oregon and St. Louis planned and I would love a comfy stroller that he can see all the beautiful sites in

  15. If I were to win I’d stroll with my little at the park, zoo and around town

  16. We would take it too the zoo!

  17. We would love this so much! We could go shopping to exploring parks all in the same day!

  18. I would take my cosmopolitan to the Canadian rockies. Would love to make a tour out there!

  19. Johnnie McKenzie

    I would take it on our trip too Disney later in the year.

  20. I would take the kiddos to Shanondoah <3

  21. Jamie Williams

    This is the stroller I would use every day. On errands, to the park, walking around the neighborhood.

  22. Jessica H

    All over Boston!

  23. Jennifer lewis

    Parks . Also the zoo

  24. I’ll take my Cosmopolitan to the zoo and grocery store if I win!

  25. shanah backman

    I would take it on the cliff walk in Newport RI

  26. M Clarkson

    I can take my baby girl to the zoo!

  27. This is great! Would love to go around our neighborhood and parks!

  28. I’m going to Disney!

  29. Paige Yang

    Everywhere. Especially on holiday, it would be very handy for me.

  30. Kelley H.

    We go to the zoo and aquarium all the time and would LOVE to show this off!

  31. Lee Dixon

    All around San Francisco and California!

  32. We would go to visit gma and pop pop!!

  33. Kelly Reade

    Would enjoy taking walks across the Sundial Bridge and explore our city more than we do. :-) :-)

  34. Charlene Lucas

    We have a whole series of nature trails that go along the edge our city so I’d take the Cosmo on the trails!

  35. I don’t drive so I would take it literally everywhere I go with my littles!

  36. Take it for walks in the park

  37. We would take this stroller everywhere! Mostly for our regular errands, but it would be great for going to the zoo too

  38. Daddʏ wins!? The twins declared.

  39. Sherrie Cruson

    I’d take it to Seattle and maybe even Disney next year.

  40. Kathy Pease

    I would bring my grandson to the park

  41. Natalie Schilla

    I would take it everywhere. I have a 20 month old and a baby on the way in December.

  42. Rachel Browning

    It would be great for walking taking the baby to malls vacations

  43. Susan Chester

    I would take this on walks around downtown Portland OR!

  44. Kris Mihalov

    Take it to zoo boo!

  45. I would take it to the nature trails!

  46. Heather A.E.

    I would take my little one all around town–shopping, the park, you name it!

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