On the Move with Mountain Buggy’s Cosmopolitan Stroller


We’ve all looked longingly at the super high end strollers out there, wondering if they’re worth the price. The quick answer is that in some cases they can be, but at this point so many brands are making stylish strollers that handle well. Dropping a super huge chunk of change is now optional because the mid-range strollers hitting the market now look as good as anything coming out of the luxury mommy market.

How do I know? Because once upon a time I was absolutely stroller crazy and back then if you wanted a stroller that was sleeker, slimmer, more foldable, and more fashionable you were definitely going to pay a lot. There was just not that many fashion-forward strollers. Nowadays, you have a lot more choices at all price points and even though I’m pretty much out of the stroller years I still like to keep up with what’s out there.

Recently, my Hello Mamas cofounder Meg and I had a chance to take the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan stroller out for a spin. Yes, I’m talking about THAT Mountain Buggy – a brand that in the past I associated with hardcore terrain-munching joggers. But over the years, the brand has expanded beyond performance strollers to address some of the other needs mamas have. Like the hugely amazing but totally tiny Nano – the smallest folding stroller that can accommodate almost all infant car seat models! Or the Urban Jungle Luxury collection for moms who want a stroller as stylish as they are.

Or the Cosmopolitan!


It’s a robust stroller with chic city style. What do I mean by robust? It’s got that Mountain Buggy toughness working for you in the background with all wheel suspension that makes quick work of grass, gravel, mulch, and even hard packed sand. Need to pop some curbs or navigate over crazy uneven sidewalks? This stroller is going to give your favorite tiny person a smooth, easy ride – and bonus, it doesn’t take a lot of oomph to push it. Live in a hilly area? I definitely recommend looking into this stroller.


Mountain Buggy spared nothing when it comes to comfort in the Cosmopolitan. Little ones will love the padded seat and the generous sun canopy (with a rainproof viewing window, no less). Mamas will love the fact that the insert that gives kiddos such a cushy ride can be removed for washing! Dads will love that adjustable handle that makes the Cosmopolitan easy to push whether you’re 5’2″ or 6’5″. And the whole family will love the bigger than usual storage space underneath – which is large enough to hold 22 pounds worth of diaper bag, toys, groceries… whatever!

And how about these color options? Yum!


But what about big brothers and sisters who are maybe just a little bit too big to go rolling around town in a stroller? That’s where my personal favorite item in Mountain Buggy’s lineup comes in… the Freerider stroller board. A lot of companies have come out with boards that turn single strollers into sit-and-stands but not many can stand on their own! The Freerider clips onto and off of the Cosmopolitan in like two seconds flat, so you can take your big kid to the park and let them tool around on the scooter while you push the bebe.

Guess who LOVED it?!


As for other peripherals, it has an amazing coordinating bassinet that utilizes the stroller seat’s own frame but comes completely off for cleaning. That’s nice for mamas who deal with major blowouts and spit-ups on the daily like I did once upon a time. When your little one is ready, you can swap the seat back in and have them facing you on your adventures around town. And once they’re big enough, you can point them out at the world! This is the only full-size stroller you’re going to need, from birth until ‘too big.’

So how does the Cosmopolitan fold? Smoothly, though I want to be clear it isn’t a one-hand fold. Some moms like that because it means there is literally no chance you can ever accidentally trigger the fold with your kiddo inside. The premium aluminum frame also stands up on its own when folded, which is great for mamas with limited space like me!


So after a day out on the town with the Cosmopolitan from Mountain Buggy plus two little ones, we can say with certainty that it’s a great option for city mamas who want a stroller that can take them anywhere! Having it for the day made me kind of sad that I’m no longer a stroller pushing mama but honestly, the Freerider is cool enough on its own – did I mention the wheels light up when you’re rolling along?

Seriously. How cool is that?




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