Mom Meet Mom Is Now Hello Mamas: The Scoop On Why We Changed Our Name

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Once upon a time, we all became mothers. A single perfect moment that was the beginning of a wonderful journey – one that started not-so-graciously with someone reaching down and pulling the rug out from underneath the three of us. The three of us being me, Christa, and Julia, the founders of what would become Mom Meet Mom.

‘Congrats, the fun is just beginning!’ that small voice inside of our heads whispered.

And with that, and a small human being (or beings) attached to our hips, we all embarked on a new, exciting, exhausting, and sometimes terrifying chapter of life, alone and clueless.

Motherhood turned out to look a lot different than we’d imagined it would look like before we had kids. Isn’t that always the way? It’s like they say – we’re all perfect mothers… until we have kids. Then things get real.

There we were, alone and clueless, with emphasis on the alone. Until we found each other.


The three of us started this site to help moms meet because, yes, the stories of isolation we now hear from mamas everyday was our story, too. We – three complete strangers – became the ultimate case study for our company and our mission. We were so different, which makes the story even better….

  • Julia: The crunchie, introverted, analytical, techie genius.
  • Christa: The #ICanDoItAllAndThenSome work-from-home writer with a Pintrest-worthy DIY home.
  • And me, the extroverted and overly-competitive athlete with hot pink lipstick and blue eyeliner…

Which I would come to discover that Julia finds repulsive!

Knowing VERY little about one another, we decided to build a masterpiece together. We closed our eyes and crossed our fingers, held our breadths and jumped into what can be compared to the Northern Atlantic ocean in January. Shocker… it wasn’t an easy ride. But somehow, like we survived the early days of motherhood, we survived and managed to build something pretty freaking amazing. Along the way, we laughed, we cried, we had babies, and we learned a boatload together.

Meet Mums Near You!

Since our launch not too long ago, we’ve had mamas signing up all over the U.S. and Canada and our story has been featured by national and even international media, including Good Morning America, Katie Couric, Fox News, Tech Crunch, Studio 10 Australia and much more. Tens of thousands of mamas came rushing in – all with a similar goal: to meet like-minded local mama friends.

It couldn’t have been done without YOU. 

One thing in particular we learned very early on was to listen closely to you. And of all the things we’ve discovered, this was by far the most valuable. You taught us to pivot, you taught us to be different, and you taught us to throw our pride out the window. Today our ideas are nothing without your validation and we thank you so much for that.

Which brings us to the name change thingymoboby

Let’s just say it wasn’t an easy decision (understatement of the century). Don’t believe us? Go ahead and look your child in the eyes. Now imagine changing their name, right now, after everything you’ve been through together.

Okay… really it’s not that dramatic, but close. This was our virtual baby.

You see, we started out with nothing more than an iddy-biddy splash page, floating around on the Internet with a name that literally spelled out what we did. As if you all were 2-year-olds…. “Mom Meet Mom“. And other than the occasional Sally Sue or Billy Bob who thought we were a dating site, everyone pretty much got it.

Until, that is, we decided to expand to areas where “mom” is “mum”. Come to find out, “Mom” isn’t exactly universal, and while we had our eyes set on the U.S. market when we first launched, it only took a short period of time for mamas all over the world to discover our site and want in on the fun.”Mama” is globally recognized, as is (almost as widely) “Hello”.

So rather than launch internationally with two company names (though we definitely considered it during a brief moment of insanity), we reached out to many of you for help. What we discovered? You like “mama” a lot more than “mom” or “mum” anyways.

We’d love to know what you think about our new name or our expansion, so don’t ever hesitate to contact us.

Talk to you soon!


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