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It’s FASHION WEEK here at Hello Mamas – where we feature our favorite fashionable mamas and let them take over our Instagram account for the day! Today we’re excited to be partnering with Kileen from Cute & Little, and to have her posting some of her favorite looks to our IG account. Straight from Texas, meet this mommy fashion blogger who nails petite style for the practical, yet fun, mama .Her motto: feeling good about what you wear builds the esteem and confidence to help you go out and be your best self. Now on to Kileen who gives us her own intro and the 411 on her style…




I’m Kileen and I am a mom to two little ones — Dylan who is a silly 3-year old boy and Kennedy who is a precious 10-month old baby girl.  I’ve always loved dressing up but finding clothes that fit when you’re only 5′ tall has always been a challenge. My blog focuses on fashion with styles that are petite-friendly and shows that you never have to sacrifice fit for style.  Now that I’m a mom too, I’ve learned that I don’t have to sacrifice style despite having to take care of two little ones.  I hope to inspire other moms out there with fashion that’s relatable and wearable!








When did you first discover your love for fashion?

I still remember the first outfit that I picked out for myself on a shopping trip back in the 4th grade.  It was a sleeveless top tied at the waist paired with cuffed denim shorts.  It was such a simple outfit but I’ll never forget how it made me feel when I wore it to school!  From that point on, I’ve always loved the thrill of putting together a stylish outfit and it’s only been more fun now that I have little ones to dress up too!


Has it changed since you’ve became a mother and how do you stay inspired/fresh by fashion as a mom?

My fashion sense took a 180 when I first became a mom.  Gone were the pencil skirts and 5″ stilettos and I found myself wearing boyfriend jeans and button-up shirts as I navigated the world of breastfeeding and random baby stains.  After my first baby, it seriously took me 10 months until I found myself again and slowly eased back into some of my more fitted clothes.  At the end of the day, I learned that when I make an effort to look nice, I feel better about myself and do better as a mom too!





If you were trapped on an island, what one piece of clothing or accessory could you not live without?

For practicality’s sake, I’d probably choose a scarf.  Not only can it completely change up a look but they’re versatile enough to be used as a blanket, nursing cover, or pillow!  






And bonus question: Are your kiddos as fashionable as you are?  

I hope so!  My son was definitely a challenge to dress fashionably as stylish boys’ clothes are just hard to find.  As for my baby girl, she already has quite a wardrobe given that she’s only 10 months old and definitely steals the show with her outfits whenever I’m out with her!  



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