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I was twenty-one and embarking on the craziness of life. Parties on the weekends and sleepovers with my gal pals were still a prominent part of the routine. Then, I met a guy.  A really perfect guy for me. Love and lust were in full swing and what do you know, a baby was soon on the way.
When you are living a Sex and the City lifestyle and then announce you’re pregnant, everything changes. Friends want to be invested and supportive, yet it can become a challenge.
I wanted so badly to believe that once this sweet baby came into my life I could maintain the same friends, the same way of life, the same outlook on who I was. Truth is, everything changed.
Motherhood makes you insanely aware of what matters in the world. It was no longer about my needs and wants but about this child. Parties and girls nights became a faint memory, as I spent countless nights soothing my colicky baby to sleep. My days were filled less with brunches and shopping sprees and more with walks to the park and story time.
Though I was living in a blissful dream of being a mom, I missed my friends. Some still stopped in and would meet up when the opportunity came, though most of the time I found myself meeting other mothers while running errands.
See when you have a baby, time is no longer slow and steady. It is scheduled and fast paced. You must plan in order to enjoy a phone conversation. Unless you want to sound as if you have Tourette’s. The best success at adult interaction is meeting for coffee at your house or a play date with a fellow mom at the local gym.

If you aren’t very social to begin with (luckily this did not pertain to me), reaching out to meet new women can be hard. Throw in the fact that you are now a mother with a schedule and a strong stance on your own ways of parenting; You must now hope to find like minded mommies who can relate to and enjoy spending time with you.

I wish when I had fallen into motherhood, eight years ago, there were helpful places to meet women who “mesh” well with your specific personality traits. Now-a-days, for those lucky ladies who are in search of new moms to plan play dates and mid day brunches with, there are sites like . No longer do you have to stress that Annie at the Aquarium doesn’t prefer that you breastfeed in public. Or that Gina at the gym isn’t impressed with your choice of oreos and juice boxes for snack.

Hello Mamas gives you the chance to “meet your perfect mama match”. Yes it may sound like a dating sight in some sense but isn’t a dating site just a way to match you with like minded people too????
It’s really simple to use. Fill out the profile, whether brief or full blown tell all, and find similar women in your area who are looking to get out and about as well. It’s always best to enjoy a mid day lunch, when you know you won’t get judged if your kid pours the salt shaker all over the table and eats like Mowgli. Trips to the zoo are best enjoyed with a mom who also knows that the animals you brought with you, are more wild than the ones behind the cages.

See where I’m going with this y’all?
We as mothers want to be social. We want to talk to someone over the age of five and feel like our thoughts matter. We want to laugh and cry with someone who “GET’S IT!” This is a safe place to find those women. A tribe of mothers looking to connect. Take a minute to see what Hello Mamas has to offer for yourself.
No matter what stage of life we begin motherhood, we are always going to need a place to feel understood. Let us all find an outlet to meet and chat. To discuss and debate real life topics other than “Which Bubble Guppie is the cutest?”

Christina Boyce

Christina Boyce, Caffeine and Three (and another on the way any day now!!)

I have a tendency to refer to myself as a mother first, however I am learning to say, “I am a woman who raises A LOT of kids!” My life is full of chaos, laundry, homework and kids sports. I am fueled by coffee and home cooked meals. Family is the most important thing in my life. You could definitely say my personality is sarcastic, witty and full of head strong opinions. Nothing fuels my soul quite like writing about Motherhood, Marriage and Life as it happens to Me. Lastly, my name is Christina and I enjoy meeting other moms who don’t take themselves too seriously.




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