Brands We Love: Little Giraffe (Giveaway & Review)

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This is just one of the 8 prizes in our Fall 2015 Brands We Love: The Ultimate Giveaway campaign. To enter to win this and other amazing gifts and gift packages from brands we love, click here!

Once upon a time I opened a Christmas present to find the best blanket in the whole world. I loved my Little Giraffe blanket – the Luxe Leopard throw, if you’re curious – so much that I decided to share it with my little ones. And that was my big mistake because the little guy latched onto it hard and somehow in the middle of winter it ended up in HIS bed, having become HIS blanket.

little giraffe giveaway

Okay, no problem, I thought. I put the Luxe Baby Blanket on his wish list and that’s how his special “blue blanket” (really the charcoal) came into his life.

little giraffe blanket review and giveaway

Unfortunately, giving him his own Little Giraffe blanket did not result in me getting MY Luxe throw back. In fact, it’s still in his bed – which means he sleeps under one Little Giraffe blanket and on top of another. Lucky guy, right? I miss my blanket – but at least I know it’s keeping him cozy and I have my chenille cover up to keep me warm.

If you can’t tell, I LOVE Little Giraffe. I’m in good company, too. Everyone from Suri Cruise to Angelina Jolie’s little ones love them, too. That’s why I’m so excited to be giving away the following to one lucky mama:

little giraffe giveaway - giveaways for momsIt’s the perfect prize pack for a mama who wants to be just as cozy as her little one this fall. Assuming that she, unlike me, manages to keep her blanket. Someday, though, she and her little ones will have special memories of the matching blankets they had.

To enter to win a celeb-inspired Little Giraffe Mommy & Me Dream prize pack, which includes gorgeous blankets for mom and baby and a very special signature Little Giraffe plushie, click here!



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