Just in Time for Summer, a Truly Worry-Free Playdate Treat

FYI, the makers of perfectly free frozen treats are a Hello Mamas sponsor. Just so you know, we received product from this brand for review, but all opinions are our own. That said, we’re especially excited to be checking out this new allergen free dessert during Food Allergy Awareness week!

If you’re like a lot of moms these days, you’ve really taken to heart the fact that food allergies are no joke. As you should! I have friends whose kids have food allergies and my kids have friends with food allergies, too. I do everything I can to make sure that when someone eats at my house they don’t have to worry about a thing – allergies or no allergies. That means I keep playdates nut-free by default and when I’m in doubt about someone’s food allergy status, I ask.

Now my own kids can eat pretty much anything but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep a lot of stuff in the house that’s allergy-free (or gluten free or vegan) by default. Why not? There are a ton of amazing snacks out there that just happen to be allergen free, and today I want to talk about a totally worry-free playdate treat that is perfect for not only your kids but also their friends and your mom friends, too.

perfectly free frozen treats are delicious bite-sized summertime sweets that are free from the most common food allergens like dairy, gluten, peanuts, wheat, soy, almonds, and cashews. So what IS in Perfectly Free treats? Real fruit, smooth dairy-free caramel and rich coconut cream. (While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can almost always safely eat coconut.)

Together, they are basically like an ice cream truffle – a dairy-free ice cream truffle you can safely serve at your next playdate or picnic!

Incredible Perfectly Free Allergy Free 00

perfectly free treats take a creamy vanilla core and wrap it in a velvety layer of real cherry and blueberry, rich cocoa or salted caramel. And at only 25 calories each, they’re not just good for the kiddos but also for the mamas who usually feel the need to say no thanks to cookies or coffee cake. And bonus, the fruit varieties are vegan!

Now you’re probably thinking that an allergen free frozen truffle sounds pretty grown up to serve at your kids’ next playdate but hey, to kids? perfectly free treats are nothing more than special ice cream with built in toppings!

Incredible Perfectly Free Allergy Free 02

And when I brought out every flavor perfectly free makes after a monster after-school watercolor session both my daughter and my son were like, “Heck yeah!” Because they weren’t thinking about food allergies or eating dairy free or how some desserts are healthier than others. They were thinking about how awesome it was that I had brought out a plate of ice cream in the middle of the afternoon like it’s NBD.

Incredible Perfectly Free Allergy Free 05

Surprisingly, my son turned out to be a HUGE fan of the salted caramel. My daughter stuck with the cherry and chocolate, and in fact ended up eating most of the chocolate treats in the box before heading off to a playdate. No kidding, she was stuffing them into her mouth whole – and this is not a kid who likes to eat so that’s saying something.

Incredible Perfectly Free Allergy Free 06

The kids’ verdict? Thumbs up. The only reason there was just the one thumb up is because all the other thumbs were busy eating treats.

allergy free playdate snacks

And as for me, I will definitely be stocking my fridge with Perfectly Free treats this summer so that our buddies with food allergies and food preferences can have just as sweet a time at our house as any other guest. Sure they’re tasty and I know from experience that kids love grab and go frozen treats. But I think that being able to give my friends and their kids a worry-free experience is the sweetest thing about this new treat from perfectly free! <3

**perfectly free treats are currently available in New England and the surrounding areas, and will soon be available across the country. To see where the closest location is, visit their site.

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