How to Have a No-Stress Christmas

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Merry (almost) Christmas from Hello Mamas!

…or not. Maybe you’re like me, and Christmas is not your best season. I don’t know about you, but I get a little overwhelmed. Too much family closeness, too much shopping, too many weird expectations from friends and neighbors, too many event invitations that interfere with already tenuous sleep schedules.

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But it’s okay! You aren’t a freak if you don’t find yourself brimming with holiday cheer! Here are three quick tips that (hopefully) will help you navigate holiday stress today and on future holidays:

  • Know your limits – And your kids’ limits, too! if you know the office party will be too much for you, don’t go! Do you have a little one who hates the car seat (like mine)? Don’t agree to drive to see both sets of grandparents on Christmas day! It’s okay to turn down invitations that conflict with naps. It’s okay to say no!
  • Don’t shop – If you are dealing with financial issues, or if the stores are overwhelming, or if you just don’t want to buy into consumer culture, remember you don’t have to! Start a family tradition of serving others on Christmas, or try homemade gifts or gifts of your services (for example, my sister is teaching me how to sew a circle skirt for my Christmas gift this year). Hit up Freecycle or your local Buy Nothing group for gifts (and get rid of your own clutter to boot). I snagged a sweet set of Lincoln Logs for my log-obsessed daughter’s Christmas present this year just by asking our Buy Nothing Kirkland group if anyone had any they no longer needed.
  • Do it your way – My husband’s family has always been strapped for cash, which made holidays tricky. Their solution? Have Christmas in January – that way they could save money on presents by shopping the post-holiday closeout sales. The lesson? Every tradition was once a new idea; why not make your own?
How will you avoid stress this Christmas?




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