How to Find New Mom Friends

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How To Find New Mom Friends

In the last 11 years I have lived in five different cities. Each time I have moved I have had to make new friends. This can be a hard task and one that seems a bit overwhelming. There is usually a long period of time where I don’t have any new friends in my new city and that can get lonely.

Staying home with young children can be hard when you don’t have a local support system. It so great to have a group of friends to gettogether with, make playdates with and just depend on during the week. Especially when you having small children that need so much from you. You can have people who get what it is like, that understand why you might have hard days and people you can relate to about potty training, preschool choices and how many kids you really want to have.

The difficult part is finding a good group of other moms to become friends with. It’s hard because of the different ways we parent, different personalities and just being unsure if someone really likes us or not. I have found that the best thing to do is focus on fun things to do with my children and hope to meet other moms while we are going to these events.

When we moved to Kentucky I found a group of moms who met at a center that helped moms with their births. It wasn’t a birth center but it did a lot of the extra things that birth centers do like offering breastfeeding and birthing classes. I noticed that they had a playgroup once a week so I started taking my son who was a baby at the time. We all sat around on the floor and let the kids play. I started making friends there and I still connect with some of them on Facebook even though I have not seen them in person in about ten years.

When we moved to Germany I was lucky enough to meet some of the other wives in the FRG right away. That helped me feel more at home. I then started taking my son to what they called “play mornings.” They were held in a gym and the kids got to play while the moms chatted. At first no one would really talk to me and it was hard to connect. I told myself that we would go for my son and if I made friend there, that would be an added benefit. That took a little bit of the pressure off and within a few months I did start making some friends there too.

There are a lot of different places to make mom friends these days and the internet makes it even easier. A lot of communities have Facebook pages and sometimes friends set them up for playdate groups. If you are new to an area or would like to make some new local friends, that is a good place to start. You can also visit Hello Mamas and look for other moms in your area. Finding other mom friends to connect with can be difficult but a good friendship as a result makes it worth it.

How do you find your mom friends???


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