Hello, America, where are the changing tables?

Nothing pisses me off more as a mother, than going out to eat with my kids, only to realize there is no changing table in the bathrooms. Here are my thoughts,

“It’s 2016…babies exist, so should a place to change them!!!”

I recently just went on a 14 hour road trip to Florida with my family and I can’t even begin to tell you how many places didn’t have a changing table. To anyone without children, this may seem like a petty thing to be upset about.

changing table legislation

Yet if I began to strip my kid down, throw them up on the table and change their poop drenched diaper right in the middle of the eating area, I’m sure you would see the situation a bit differently.

What is so hard about installing a fold down table in your handicap stall? Hell I’ll even take it right in the common area of the bathroom if that’s my only option. If you serve a kids menu at your establishment, you need a changing table in the bathroom!!!

While we are at it, don’t just add one to your Women’s restrooms, add it to your Men’s restrooms as well. My husband is just as capable of changing our kids diapers as I am. In fact, sometimes he has the kids by himself and you kind of leave him in a jam!

There is no longer an excuse for companies to not have an outlet for parents to change their child’s diapers. If you have a place for adults to handle business, slap up a changing table there too. Humans are not extinct, therefore they will continue to procreate, therefore there will always be babies, therefore we need changing tables. THE END!

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