Brands We Love: Hatch for Kids (Review and Back-To-School Giveaway)

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You know when you think your kid is still a little baby, and then you take a photo and realize you’re doomed because with the flash of your lens, you’re instantly projecting forward to grammar school, high school and yes…





Well that just happened to this mom. And yes, I cried. Again.





Last year, his first year of preschool was an absolute emotional roller coaster. He decided he wasn’t so cool with school and as any determined toddler would have it, he tantrumed himself from one side of the parking lot to the other with mama in tow for 10 solid days. It was a show. Booya, this is how I’m gonna do preschool folks!!!


And then all of a suddenly it happened. Like a snap of a finger, baby boo boo realized he could be ‘king of hood’  with his flashy Daniel Tiger lunch box, Captain America backpack, and killer Johnny Cupcakes trucker hat.  He was all set with this ‘mama’s boy’ game and readier than ever for ‘snack time’, ‘circle time’ and recess.


This year it was just like that – minus the I don’t want to leave mama part of the story :( 



Bubye mama! Hello PRESCHOOL!








Cue puffy eyes, dripping mascara and pity party phone calls with my mom. This kid was out-the-door and no one was going to stop him.



So naturally, when we happened upon Hatch For Kids – quite possibly the hippest kid label ever- we immediately thought of my maniac, wall-climbing, record scratching, baby-sitter-schmoozing toddler, Jack. And of course all of the other mamas out there who are blessed with similar toddlers. We are obsessed with this brand and the adorable kid swag they create. Please join us this fall in keepin’ it cool and OLD SCHOOL with Hatch For Kids!

BAck To School (1)


As part of our Fall 2015 Brands We Love Ultimate Giveaway, Hatch for Kids will provide one lucky mama (and her little one) with:



1. A Preschool or Kindergarten Tee

2. A Preschool or Kindergarten Sweatshirt

3. A Hatch For Kids “Birdie Rollins” Snapback Hat

4. A Hatch For Kids Thrashin’ Tee

5. Bonus assortment stickers and accessories.



 Head on over to to enter and to check out other Brands We Love and the amazing products they are giving away! 



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