Grownup Easter Crafts We Love!

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Ever notice all the Easter craft ideas are for kids? I mean speaking as a grownup woman and mom, if I have to paint another salt dough whatever, I’m going to flip. Yes, we’re dying Easter eggs – the old fashioned way, with food coloring and no boxed kit required – but it would be nice if just this once there was an Easter craft for moi. Sometimes I could do after the kids were in bed, my glass of wine in hand and a helpful husband at the ready. No popsicle sticks. No paste. No crayons. Just some grownup Easter crafts I can finally be really proud of!

Here are some of our faves:

eggs dyed with natural colors

These botanical Easter eggs are amazingly gorgeous – and surprisingly easy to make. Find out how to do it here.


how to blow out easter eggs

Make an egg hunt for the grownup love of your life with real eggs filled not with candy but with tiny love letters!

felt peeps bunny garland

Felt Peeps bunny garland? I am dying. If you have any sewing skills at all, this’ll be cake – and you can use it again year after year! Not a garland person? Do what I’m doing and make some with a little stuffing inside to put in Easter baskets. Find out how to make your own here.

paint chip easter egg garland craft

And it gets even easier. Run to Home Depot, grab some freebie paint chips, cut them into eggs (freehand is okay), and string them up. You can sew them together or just poke holes and thread a piece of twine through them. Too cute! (source)


Did you know your can DIY your own Easter baskets with old rope? I didn’t, either. But there you go! If you’re feeling crafty and you have the time, instructions for weaving a pretty amazing basket out of cloth can be found here.

crocheted peep instructions

If you can crochet, get into the Easter spirit and use this free pattern to crochet your very own classic Peep! (Seriously, I am in awe of those of you who can do this sort of thing.)

ombre easter eggs

Okay, so it’s not an Easter craft exactly, but while the kids are getting dye all over the kitchen floor why not whip up a batch of ombre Easter eggs. Bonus points if you blow the egg out and clean them first so you can display them again next Easter.

Or maybe this is the year you’ll attempt a pysanka. Or Mod Podging eggs a la this blogger.

silhouette_easter_egg_tutorial 034

No one said Easter eggs and crafts have to be pastel and covered in glitter, after all. Put the kids to bed on Good Friday, grab some of your favorite local moms – along with a few bottles of your favorite Easter white wine – and suddenly Easter crafting looks gets a lot more fun!






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