Giveaway: Tottels, the Towel You’ll Never Find on the Floor

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At my house hand towels are more likely to be puddled damp on the floor than hanging prettily on the rack. I can’t even figure out how moms manage to swap seasonal hand towels in and out as holidays change – I have a hard enough time getting the kids to use the towel without pulling it down. By the time I find it, it’s not something you want to use to dry your newly cleaned hands.

Enter Tottels, the solution to this all too common problem. It is a cute extra long hand towel just for kids that’s generous enough for little kiddos to reach (even tiny toddlers) and (best part) it has secret snaps that keep it on the rack!


The genius behind the Tottel is Neeta Tvelil, a registered nurse and mom of 3 active little boys – so you can bet that if I feel like I’m picking up hand towels daily, she probably felt like she was picking them up hourly! But then she got inspired – as she puts it: An idea, some fabric, and a few moments later, Tottels™ towels-for-tots was born!


Moms know that kids love having a special towel and the three custom Tottel designs were created to let little ones know that this is a hand towel just for them. That, as we all can attest to, usually makes kids more like to use something – whether it’s soap, lotion, or a nice clean towel.


According to my daughter, Tottels are soft, cute, and make it easier to keep the bathroom tidy. It’s not exactly a priority of hers but she knows that a tidy bathroom makes me happy. How sweet is that? A product that is helping my kids be more empathetic – you can’t beat that!

Now we’re excited to be partnering with Bumblebean to give one lucky US mama her choice of Tottel. To enter to win, just use the widget below!

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