GIVEAWAY: EggNots – a Vegan, Allergy-Free Way to Dye Easter Eggs

eggnots vegan easter egg alternative

A little one or family member with an egg allergy, a commitment to the vegan lifestyle, or just plain not liking hard boiled eggs can make Easter a lot less fun. Dyeing Easter eggs is one of those staple kid activities – the egg dyeing kits are all over the grocery store and chances are at least one adult is going to ask when you’ll be coloring eggs.

Painting paper mache eggs or wooden Easter eggs is one alternative to the real thing, but just isn’t the same. You can dye wooden eggs but the results are meh. But guess what, allergy moms and vegan moms (and moms like me whose kids and husbands just hate boiled eggs)! For real traditional dip coloring that’s just like you remember, you have to check out EggNots.

eggnots allergy free easter egg alternative

EggNots are high-quality ceramic eggs that look – and feel – like chicken eggs and can be dyed with homemade Easter egg dye (which is just vinegar, water & food coloring) or, yes, those Paas store kits that your mom probably bought when you were a kid. You can even use the fancy dyeing techniques!

As for why EggNots were invented, chalk this one up to the ingenuity of the allergy parents:

If you have a child or family member with an egg allergy, Easter and egg decorating have always been a sad time. We’ve been in your shoes and understand, which is why we invented Eggnots.

But don’t think you need to be vegan or have an egg allergy to enter! These Easter egg alternatives are awesome for everyone who loves this colorful holiday. With EggNots, you get to keep the eggs you worked so hard on forever!

dying easter eggs without egs

Now with Easter just around the corner, we’re SO excited to be giving away a dozen EggNots to one lucky mama! Use the Rafflecopter to enter – we’ll announce a winner on 3/24.

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