Giveaway: Cosco Kids Has Something for Your Lil’ Monster!

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Like what you see? Cosco is one of the sponsors of our We Love Ya, Mama! giveaway! Enter to win your choice of the adorable Cosco Monster Strollers here! Product review below!


Deep within the jungle lived a mama, with her caveman and two lil’ monsters.

That’s how life has been around here for about two years now. Some people’s kiddos may enjoy calmer activities, like say playing house or coloring (in an actual coloring book), or maybe even making a nice tower out of LEGO. Somehow I’ve managed to raise two jungle kids – monsters of a sort that climb the walls (and color on them occasionally), dump entire boxes of cereal (or dad’s $50 protein powder) on the kitchen floor, and wrestle in their diapers – my son with avocado all over his face and daughter with an untamed rats nest growing from the side of her head.




So when we were introduced to the Cosco Monster Collection, I nodded in reflection and thought to myself… It’s as if they converted my kids into umbrella strollers. How appropriate. 


Iḿ Syd




And just like my kids, these monster strollers are awesome.

The designs are so bright and three dimensional, which is extra fun for toddlers with expanding imaginations.  Even better? They come with names. Our lady monster in pink is ¨Shelley¨ and our little dude in blue is ¨Syd¨.

I’ve always been a bit old school and prefer umbrella strollers while traveling, especially now that I am expecting a third. They are simply the lightest things out there. Umbrella strollers are also ninjas in crowds. There’ll  be no beeping and honking with these rides. Mama can keep up with the rest of the fam.

Elle immediately assumed Shelley was a dinosaur, but only because she recognizes anything that growls as a dinosaur. So off we went with Shelly, the dinosaur… rawww!!!! When we got home from our mini walk, we picked grass to feed ¨doggie¨ and Elle insistent on doing it while sitting in Shelley.


Mom_apps_hello_mamas_meg_gerritson_cosco_kids Mom_apps_hello_mamas_Meg_CEO_Cosco_Kids

And Jack and Syd hit it off like old college pals. He tried to feed Syd half of his dinner, which made for a mess, but thankfully these monsters come in a super washable nylon material. Bonus.



Jack even asked if he could bring the carriage to bed last night. It didn’t quite work out which translated to me being the worst mama ever, but I´ll take it because it must mean we did something right with these lil monster strollers.


Thanks to Cosco Kids, one lucky mama will win her choice of Monster umbrella stroller in one of the following vibrant colors brought to you by the friendly monsters, Syd (blue) and Shelley (pink), themselves.  Visit our Giveaways page to enter now! 



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