Brands We Love: Freshly Picked (Review & Giveaway)

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I remember after having my first being surprised to read that babies – even emerging walkers – don’t need shoes. Well, hard soled shoes. Like a lot of people, I guess I thought of babies shoes like trainers. Something that would train their feet for a lifetime of questionable footwear choices. But nope! Turned out what babies need is foot protection that is as close as you can get to barefoot. Why not just leave them barefoot? Well, around here it gets cold, even in my house. And some of those emerging walkers prefer to do their walking out of doors.

That’s kind of how Freshly Picked moccasins came to be! Susan Petersen started making her amazing baby moccasins in 2009 after coming face to face with the fact that a lot of infant shoes just weren’t up to her high standards. She set out to create a baby shoe that not only looked good and felt good, but also stayed on wiggly baby and toddler feet!

Freshly Picked baby mocassins review 2

I’d say she definitely succeeded! Today, Freshly Picked baby mocs come in a huge range of absolutely delicious colors and patterns – we especially loved the pinks and metallics – all of which are durable and comfy. And, as promised, stay on baby’s feet thanks to the special elastic placement of the design.

Now you may be thinking how can these possibly be durable – probably because your little one wore through a pair or two of baby mocs before you switched to something with a harder sole. Here’s the thing… Freshly Picked baby moccasins are made with super high quality leather. Little toes just can’t bust through them. In fact, they are so durable that kiddos can wear them out and about – on the sidewalk, to the park, etc.

Freshly Picked baby mocassins review

And that brings me to one of my favorite features of these baby moccasins – the fact that after your little walker grows out of them, an impression of their footprint is there on the bottom. It’s kind of a oddball keepsake, but one that’s really special to me.

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Now Freshly Picked has branched out. After your kiddo has grown out of their mocs, you can make the switch to their Next Step Shoe. It’s every bit as stylish and fun as their classic moccasin but with elastic laces and even more durable firm soles for experienced runners!

Love Freshly Picked? Hello Mamas has partnered with this amazing company to offer one of our mamas a pair of baby mocs in her choice of color and size! To enter to win, click here!

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