Brands We Love: Ergo Baby Carrier (Review & Giveaway)

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This is just one of the 8 prizes in our Winter Brands We Love ultimate giveaway campaign. To enter to win The Original Ergo Baby Carrier (in Natural Linen) along with other amazing gifts and gift packages from brands we love, click here!


All the mamas at Hello Mamas are obsessed with baby wearing and what better baby way to show you our love than to give one mama a chance to experience baby wearing in style?

We love to feature new brands and new products in our Brands We Love campaigns because we want our mamas to be on top of the hottest trends in the mama industry. That said, some things just never ‘get old’ and even get better with age. The next brand featured in our Brands We Love Giveaway is a brand we’ve been following for for quite some time. We’ve seen its products top the lists of must-have items for mamas across just about every major baby publication and we’ve spotted its carriers attached to just about every big-name mama celebrity including, Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff, Natalie Portman, Giselle Bundchen, January Jones, Keri Russel, and Gwen Stafani (to name a few). From it’s release of new fabrics and alternative structures, to it’s gorgeous designs, it’s clear that Ergobaby is getting better with age.





So with all of the Ergobaby hype, we had to ask ourselves, how did Ergobaby come to be?


From a mama, obviously. 

Over a decade ago, Karin Frost, a mama living on Maui was not satisfied with the baby carrying options available to her. Looking to keep her new little guy close to her, she scoped out several carriers. Some worked alright but nothing met her demands for comfort and ergonomics. With a background in design, she made it her mission to create something that was stylish, comfortable and easy for parents to use.


Beginning with a parent’s love for her child and her desire to keep him close, the ergonomic, comfortable design of the Ergobaby Baby Carrier was born.

Karin’s soft structured carrier (SSC) design has become the gold standard that gives you the freedom to enjoy life’s big and small adventures, all while keeping your little ones snuggled up close. Ergobaby Carriers are ergonomically designed to cradle your baby in a natural sitting position and to evenly distribute baby’s weight between your hips and shoulders. Ergobaby Carriers are the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to carry your baby from those early days to toddler (12-45 lbs).* This is a huge bonus for mamas who prefer carrying over strollers. I personally like to carry my daughter, Elle, while I push my son in the stroller. It saves me from needing to use a double stroller and quite frankly, Elle is way happier on mama’s back. Thanks to the structure and fit of the Ergobaby carriers, my posture remains upright and I no longer suffer lower back pain as I once did with a previous carrier (different brand). 





Ergo Natural Linen Carrier


My personal fav continues to be the Ergobaby Original Carrier which comes in a variety of gorgeous styles including one of the newest, Natural Linen. Can we say neutral perfection?


What I love about this particular style is that it literally goes with just about any outfit and you can rock it during any season.  It’s absolutely perfect for your white snow adventures or while hanging at the dockside. Thanks to Hello Mamas and Ergobaby, one lucky mama will go home with The Original Ergobaby carrier in Natural Linen!




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To enter to win this carrier and other awesome must-have products for mamas by Brands We Love, visit our live giveaways here! Good luck mamas! XOXO




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