Easter Crafts Anyone? 10 Cute Craft Ideas We Scooped From Pinterest

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Full disclosure: My business partners made me take charge of the good ol’ Easter Crafts post. I am the most non-crafty person on the face of the planet. So naturally, I took a silent stroll over to Pintrest and snagged my top picks from those moms and bloggers out there who I swear are out to make me look bad every time a new holiday comes along. But even though I was bullied into this post, I did have fun and even found some inspiration. Maybe I’ll get crafty this Easter after all!

The following craft ideas were scooped from Pinterest. To see the true artists behind each, click on the photo.  

1. Fingerprint Carrots Anyone? 

Why give grandma and grandpa the usual homemade Easter card from the kiddos when you can create adorable artwork like this? I can’t even handle how cute this is…

2. Easter Bunny Masquerade Style

Let your child create his own rendition of the Easter Bunny and then get lost in his imagination by wearing the mask on Easter Sunday! Use the below linked directions or let your little one stray from the traditional Easter Bunny look and create a colorful masterpiece by incorporating food dye into the mix (dip cotton balls in food dye before placing).

3. For older Toddlers – “Are You Afraid of the Dark” style Easter egg hunt!!! 

Love this idea. How it works? You put glow sticks in plastic Easter Eggs (sold at any Walmart, Target, any major grocery retailer, or Dollar Store), and hide them all over the house. This is a perfect activity for the eve of Easter, or Easter night. Can’t wait until my son is old enough to enjoy this one!

4. Easter Egg Potato Stamping! 

What can we make with food coloring and vegetables? How about ADORABLE Easter egg stamps? The perfect artwork that even young toddlers can get involved with. This looks easy enough…

5. Baby’s First Easter – Religious 

An absolutely precious keepsake for any mom and dad of a new baby. The below artwork is pretty simple to pull off and unlike a lot of crafts that get tossed after the holiday, this is the perfect token to save in your hope chest.

6. Easter Chick Plate! 

Hello, adorableness. Sometimes the simplest materials make the most fantastic crafts. Below is a true testament to this. A yellow plate, orange construction paper, little hands to trace, and we all can get creative with the eyes. This is definitely my type of craft project here.

7. Egg Chickens

This wouldn’t work for me – my son is allergic to eggs. But I’ll admit, it’s pretty clever and if you are hosting Easter, a cute takeaway for your kid guests (unless of course one of them has an egg allergy- remember to ask!).

8. Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs 

Yup, I will never do this craft. Why? Because this is the exact type of craft that reminds me I am not crafty. I would maybe make it through a half of whatever this is and throw in the towel. Definitely click the picture for directions because I have no clue how to do this.

9. Egg-Free Easter Egg Art! 

Awesome! So for me and the other egg allergy moms out there, I have a solution to #7 and any egg based craft activity – wooden eggs! Paint them, prop them, and wrap them in pipe cleaners if you have it in you.

10. Simple Bunny Garland

This is my favorite, I think. How simple and adorable at the same time. I also love when a craft project can work as a party decoration. Double win. And I guess the place mat counts as a bonus idea. Cute.

P.S. I could get the hang of this craft thing. However… if you EVER see a baking post come through with my name on it as author, immediately turn away. Seriously. I might actually manage to poison your family with my horrible baking skills. Let’s just say my attempt at baking last year’s egg free, nut free, gluten free Easter cake, ended with a candid video of my aunt freaking out and spitting it out, while screaming “This is the worst cake I have ever tasted in my life”.

Happy Easter, mamas! xoxo




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