Cooking with Kids? I Love It. But I Didn’t Always. (A KitchenAid Giveaway)

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Once upon a time in the pre-kids era of our relationship, my husband and I received a KitchenAid stand mixer as a housewarming gift. He latched onto it immediately because it meant never having to knead by hand again. For whatever reason, though, I shied away from it. Why should a mixer be any better than creaming butter or making meringue with arm strength alone? Now my husband is a smart man so he didn’t push the issue and while he routinely used the dough hook, I kept mixing with muscle.

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Then we had kids. Those kids got bigger. And suddenly they wanted to cook with me. Now whoever said ‘Many hands make light work’ obviously never tried to bake cookies with a five-year-old and a two-year-old!

The main attraction for the kiddos was not pouring the dry ingredients into the wet or cracking the eggs, but rather the mixing. Do you know what little ones are not so good at? Mixing. If we want to bring it back to arm strength, they either use far too little to actually blend ingredients into one another or they use so much that flour or batter goes flying out of the bowl.

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The solution was my KitchenAid. My two-year-old loves the noise it makes and the moving parts. In fact, it was one of his first favorite things – I’d set the mixer on the floor (unplugged, of course) and he’d flip the switches and take out and replace the bowl for a good fifteen minutes before moving on to another toy. And my five-year-old loves that she can use it without much help from me because it’s so simple. How cool is that?

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Nowadays I trot it out for everything, even when I probably could just strong-arm the shortening or batter into submission.

And why not? After years of building up my biceps fluffing egg whites I’m plenty ready to admit that almost everything is faster and easier with the KitchenAid. We use it all the time for pizza dough, bread, cupcakes, waffle batter, crepes, and sauces. As a family, even!

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And the best part is that it has made things in the kitchen so easy that we end up cooking from scratch more than we did pre-kids. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is! My guess is the person who originally said ‘Many hands make light work’ might not have been talking about literal hands but rather the kind of helping hand you get from a really great piece of kitchenware like this one.

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  1. Erin Gibson

    Great story! I have wanted one of these for year’s and sounds like they come in handy with little helpers around!

  2. Georgie83

    Awesome giveaway hELLO mAMAS! Love the Blue one please!! :)

  3. Georgie83

    Awesome giveaway! Love the Blue one please!! :)

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