ChunksBabyJunk, the Ultimate Leash for All of Your Baby’s Stuff (and a Giveaway, too)

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This post is part of the Ultimate Australia and New Zealand Giveaway Hello Mamas has put together to welcome Aussie and NZ mums! We are giving away 2 sippy cup straps to 2 lucky winners! Sponsored by ChunksBabyJunk – maker of adorable toys for babies!



Okay, so my first kid? Never was a binky kid. Finger sucking? Sure. Nursing for an absurdly long time? Oh my, yes. But binky wasn’t really in her wheelhouse. Likewise, she was not a chucker of stuff. I mean, sure, she went through the usual phase of testing gravity (“does it really fall every time?”), and the secondary stage of testing mommy (“will she really pick it up every time?”), but she never really was one of those little ones who indicated completion of mealtime by throwing everything from the table onto the floor.

Of course, my littlest has made up for this handily. She’s serious about her binkies – so serious that she often demands a minimum of three of them (one in her mouth and one for each hand) to achieve a calm state. She’s also a championship implement tosser. When she’s done, EVERYONE must be done, and she’ll happily clear all the plates from the table…by pushing them directly onto the floor. I mean look at that face. Maniac.



Naturally, I was really excited when I heard we’d be giving away the ChunksBabyJunk sippy straps. Think of it this way: if James Bond traveled with a 1-year-old, this would be 007’s stuff strap of choice. Why? Easy: it has a suction cup. That means you can loop it around the cup, and then suction it to the high chair. Or the restaurant table. Or the side of the tub. Not near a smooth, suction-cup friendly surface? No worries, you can take that suction cup off, and now it’s a traditional tether, fit for your stroller, car seat, or even around the strap of your baby carrier. Need a longer tether? Slip on some of those sweet interlocking plastic rings that you have an absurd number of – now there is actually a reason for their existence! And, of course, you aren’t limited to hooking up your sippy cup – you can suction cup a spoon, tether a train car, bind a blankie, and pin down that pesky pacifier no matter where you and your little one find yourselves.

Want one for yourself? Head on over and enter here!






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