Christian Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Easter has been secularized to the nth degree with the bunny and the baskets, but Christian moms and their families know there’s more to the holiday than Cadbury Mini Eggs and plastic grass. Help kids understand not only the Easter story itself but how it fits into our lives with Easter crafts that help you talk about Christ and his gift to the world. Here are some Christian Easter crafts to help you count down the days until Sunday:


Beaded salt dough crosses are the kind of Christian Easter craft that is just low-impact enough – after you’ve made the dough – to let your kids listen to a short talk about the meaning of the cross while they decorate. (source)

Give little kids a positive association with the Cross by helping them remember that Jesus is alive! Make crosses with peel away tape and have preschoolers and kindy kids paint as much as they like. Little ones with writing skills can write a special Easter message, too. Then remove the tape and you have a beautiful and meaningful piece of kid art to hang on your fridge. (source)

Tell the story of Jesus and the tomb on Easter Sunday. With this cool craft that uses kids’ hands to make a tree, their fingerprints to make an Angel, and a simple paper plate, you can engage your kids in the real meaning of Easter. Alternately, use a toy angel to make the scene more interactive.

Help kids internalize the special gift that’s in the Easter story with this craft, which reminds them that Christ didn’t just die for humanity’s sins, but for theirs, too. (source)

Whip up a batch of Resurrection Rolls. Also called Empty Tomb Rolls, this Easter tradition is not only delicious but also symbolic of Christ’s death and resurrection. Many Christian moms use cooking these with their kids as an opportunity to talk about Jesus as  family. Hint: They’re so easy but kind of impressive! (source and recipe)

If your kids won’t let you make it through Easter without an egg hunt, why not put a Christian spin on it – and kick it up a notch? Pop LED lights in plastic eggs and host a hunt at night! (source)

Tell the story of Christ’s resurrection with JELLY BEANS! Follow along with the book My Easter Basket by Mary Manz Simon to celebrate the real story of Easter in with a sweet (and easy) activity kids will love. Use mini baskets and jelly beans or swap out the baskets for colored cones and licorice sticks. Can’t find the book? Turn it into an egg hunt with candy-filled plastic eggs and this prayer as your guide. (source)

While you’re at it, grab some of your favorite local moms and make an afternoon of Easter crafting. They’re not churchy? No problem. These crafts are just plain fun whether or not you’re a follower of Christ.





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