10 Food Allergen – Safe Snacks for Play Dates!

Food in general has come a long way! It’s wrapped up in tradition and secret recipes, memories and essentially feelings. People “feel” a certain way about food and their expectations of what’s “normal” in regards to food. Foods value, beyond … Continued

How to Make Every Bite Count

By Joanna Silverman and Kristen Carhart of Early Parenting Partners, LLC The common story we hear when working with families who are struggling with their child’s selective eating habits, is that their child, was once a really good eater. When … Continued

An Open Letter to My Son’s Paediatrician

Two years ago I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. My newborn baby boy was breast feeding around the clock but still screaming in hunger. I had no idea as a new mum how long … Continued

Breast Feeding Gone Wrong

  Recently I received private messages from two friends, both asking my opinion on whether they should keep trying to breast feed or not. When breast feeding goes wrong, it can go really wrong, and what then? [Just a disclaimer … Continued

For all the Food Allergy Moms out there!

Nostalgically Interrupted.  Have you ever noticed that everything nostalgic in life is centered around food. If you’re a “food allergy mom” you have! Food can captivate our 5 senses, and emote a physical reaction from simply a memory alone. It is … Continued

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