Bump Boxes: Why You Need Them

As a pregnant woman working full time it’s hard for me to find a moment to relax. Life didn’t stop when I became pregnant, no matter how much I wish it would sometimes. Sometimes, by the time I get home from work, I’m worn out and ready to just collapse into bed! I miss the days when I had endless energy, because now I can barely be bothered to take off my makeup at the end of the day. While everything else during pregnancy is for baby, I decided this mama deserved some self care too! I went on the hunt for pregnancy safe products that would help me get the relief I need. When I heard about Bump Boxes and how they’re made specifically to help pregnant women pamper themselves, I decided I had to try it!

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Bump Boxes is a monthly subscription box for expecting women, tailored to their due date. Each box contains amazing products to help mothers get the relaxation they need. One thing I really love is that the products are full size, I already have too many sample size products rolling around my house. When I received my bright pink box I couldn’t have been more excited and it didn’t disappoint! Every product was tailored to me and my pregnancy, whether it was a Preggie Pop to help with my nausea or a Glow Organics 9 foot scrub to relieve my aching feet (which smells amazing by the way!). I love my monthly reminder to treat myself too!


I highly recommend this subscription box to any pregnant women out there looking for a little relaxation. If you’re a future mama, do yourself a favor and check out Bump Boxes, trust me you’ll thank yourself when it comes in the mail!



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