Brands We Love: The Cookie Girl Store (Review and GIVEAWAY)

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This is my friend Zoë, here pictured halfway delirious because we were three days into a sewing project that was supposed to take a couple of hours, tops.

Zoë and I have known each other pretty much forever. I think I lost my eighth grade yearbook, but if I could find out, you could flip to the back and find an inscription from Zoë which reads, “Don’t eat rat poison and die. That’s what you wrote in my yearbook in 5th grade.”

Okay, so our relationship has changed a bit over the years.

Zoë, under the guise of her Houston-based Cookie Girl Store, makes amazingly fabulous, decorated-to-order shortbread cookies. Like these:

Copyright The Cookie Girl Store, used with permission

I mean, seriously, with the caterpillar holes and everything. AMAZING.

Zoë is also a mom to an adorable little blond kid who is getting so very close to his third birthday. This is him.

He’s such a cutie!

Anyway, Zoë breastfed her son, and, like many of us, discovered that for something natural, it sure doesn’t always feel easy. Since she has a knack for cookies and a strong desire to help out her fellow mama, she started testing recipes.

What resulted was her amazing line of Motherhood Cookies, including lactation-enhancing cookies, with ingredients like flaxseed and brewer’s yeast that naturally increase milk production, and morning sickness-reducing cookies with tummy soothers like ginger and lemon. Both varieties taste awesome. Both cookies come in a variety of flavors. From the morning sickness line, I love the lavender shortbread – it’s not too sweet, and a great choice for a bedtime treat even if you aren’t pregnant. For the lactation cookies, I’ll take the double chocolate chunk every time. And let me tell you, the lactation cookies really work, so much so that I have to limit myself to one a day or risk oversupply!

Copyright The Cookie Girl Store. Used with permission.

Can you believe something that looks so innocuously tasty made me go up half a cup size that time I ate four in one day?

Miss Zoë has graciously offered to give away two dozen cookies of your choice, delivered anywhere in the U.S. Pick your favorite flavor for a sweet version of self-care, send them to a sister in lactation on her return to work, or nurture your favorite mom-to-be. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a baby named after you!

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