Brands We Love: BooginHead’s POP Dishware (Review & Giveaway)

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This is just one of the 8 prizes in our Winter Brands We Love ultimate giveaway campaign. To enter to win a full Pop dining set and splat mat from BooginHead along with other amazing gifts and gift packages from brands we love, click here!

If you have superhero-loving kiddos like I do, I have found the ultimate dishware set for you. No kidding. Coming from me that’s a heck of an endorsement since when it comes to plates, bowls, cups, and other dishware I’m a ‘you get what you get and you don’t get upset’ kind of mom. It’s not that I don’t want mealtimes to be fun, but frankly I just don’t have the mental energy to keep track of who has to have what fork at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But I love the Warhol and Lichtenstein-esque inspired POP art style and my kiddos love superheros so when I was offered a chance to take a sneak peek at BooginHead‘s so-new-it’s-not-even-on-the-website-yet line of dishware collection featuring retro Super Power designs I was like yeah, send it over. And I’m glad I did!


As are my two children, ages 6 and 3! This little guy was so jazzed when I opened the package of Pop! Bam! Wow! plates, bowls, cups, and even a toddler friendly fork and spoon set because he’s a big boy now and clearly these must be his new big boy plates. Or so his thinking went.


He was only a little miffed when I informed him that he would be sharing everything with his big sister. I halved the hurt by letting him decide which designs would be his special set – and he chose the BAM! Thankfully my girl was totally enamored with the lightning bolt design so there was no debating at that night’s dinner table.


Can the BooginHead Pop! Bam! Wow! Feeding Collection feeding collection make dinnertime more exciting? Who knows – but the line is definitely making our dinner table more colorful and fun, and I consider that a win. Because I consider anything that inspires my kids to sit down and actually eat a win. If a super line of super dishware is what it takes, I’m all for it! Even if it means keeping track of who gets what at what meal.


BabyCenter called BooginHead’s new Super Power line one of the top 10 new baby products for 2016 and I would have to agree. I like that they’re high quality melamine, BPA and PVC free, dishwasher safe, and (speaking from experience) durable enough to survive more than one unplanned trip from table to floor. I also like that my kids love them enough to actually request them at mealtimes, even if means I’m sometimes replating because that’s the kind of things moms do.

Right now, you can buy BooginHead’s signature super splatmat at their website – and the rest of the lineup (some of which is shown here) exclusively at Babies R Us.


To enter to win a full set of BooginHead’s totally super dishware line, click here!

P.S. – Check out BooginHead on Facebook for product info and updates!

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