Back to School Tips to Create Good Study Habits

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back to school study habits

Good study habits are the foundation of a well leveraged education. Without them, it’s hard to keep on top of classes and ahead of projects, tests and essays. Whether in middle school, high school or into the college years, it’s important for kids (and parents!) to establish the habits that will carry them through to their future lives.

Top Study Habits for Successful Students!

  • Stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothes—there is nothing worse than constraining attire and a brain that is thirsty! While it’s important to take study time seriously, it’s more effective if you are dressed in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and that you are drinking plenty of water. After all, humans are 75% water, so best to keep the levels topped up!
  • Use a planner to allocate enough time for assignments—last minute studying or essay writing never generates the best work. Different teachers assign different homework and if you don’t have it all organized on paper (or electronically), it will be hard to stay on top of what is due and when.
  • Take study breaks and stretch—another essential study habit is to get up and move. That’s right! Taking regular breaks to stretch, or perhaps engage in a little yoga on your rug (Lorena Canals rugs are perfect in this capacity, by the way!), will go a long way to keeping the blood flowing and the brain cells working!
  • Put your phone on silent—keep distractions to a minimum and that includes silencing or muting your phone and avoiding social media and other rabbit holes of time wasting techniques on your computer.
  • Skip the TV or radio—some people swear by the need to have some noise in the room when they’re working, though typically a white noise or wordless music works better. Even if you don’t realize it, trying to do two things at once, like watching television in the background while you study… or babysitting your baby brother…  can and will distract you from the task at hand and make it harder to concentrate.

So now that you know what your study habit goals are, here are some tips for creating the PERFECT space to achieve this!

  • Get yourself a single serve coffee machine and a pest proof snack box! The fewer times you have to leave the room to get something to sustain your brain, the better off you’ll be in terms of getting the work done!
  • Hang a magnetic board, instead of a corkboard and pins, to keep all your essential papers in order: invitations, special mentions… anything that you need to have at the ready!
  • If you’re prone to distraction, noise cancelling headphones can go a long way to drown out household or dorm noise! You won’t hear your little brother screaming, or your roommate snoring.


  • If you don’t have a lot of desk space, a wall organizer for desk essentials like pens, pencils, highlighters, etc… is a great alternative: it keeps everything handy, but off the limited flat space that you need for your computer and books. Another cool option is floating shelves: you can use these for more than just books and they look awesome!
  • Keeping all your papers, notes, and tests organized is much easier if you use a rolling file cart. You can color code your file folders by subject and move around the cart, as needed. If you’re moving your study session to your bed or to a chair, just roll all your files along with you!
  • A coat of chalkboard paint on one wall is an awesome way to keep notes front and center, jot down quick ideas and generally blow away some stress by engaging in a some healthful doodling… Just skip this step in your dorm room, or you’re going to end up paying a fine!

Finally, don’t forget a gorgeous (and washable!) rug for warmth and style. A rug can make any space that much more inviting. Just because it’s a study space doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable!


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