An Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

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Valentine’s Day seems to get more complicated every year we have kids in school. Last year was no different! Lucky for me a quick peek at Pinterest was all it took to remind me of just about the easiest Valentine’s Day craft for kids there is: toilet paper roll heart stamps! I thought we could knock down two birdies with one little stone by not just stamping but making Valentines for classroom friends and family.

Need to make adorable Valentine’s for kids fast? Here’s how it’s done:

valentines day crafts for kids

To make the heart stamp, take a toilet paper tube and flatten it, then push on of the edges in. Voila, you’ve got yourself a heart. Bigger kids can use the heart stamp as-is – squeezing it for skinny hearts or letting it open a bit for wider ones. We, however, taped our rolls so they kept the exact shape we wanted.

valentines day crafts

I mixed up different shades of pink paint in addition to the red we already had and P. started stamping.

easy valentines day crafts for kids

Knowing what I know now, I would have sat the rolls in the paint for a bit first because they definitely work better once the paint has moistened up the cardboard so it has a little squish to it.

easiest valentines day crafts for kids

P. liked to make patterns and to keep her stamped Valentine hearts from touching, but I overlapped mine in all sorts of ways.

I ended up liking the way it looked so much I grabbed a canvas out of the art closet and made something to display on the piano for Valentine’s Day!

valentines day activities
Now that our hearts are dry all that remains to do is fold the paper into cards, write a sweet message in each, and deliver them to the lucky people on P.’s list. :)

What kinds of Valentine’s Day crafts have you done with your kids?

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