A Real Life Solution to Staying Active as a Family


Staying active as a family. Given this topic- I picture a family running around a green pasture like an exclusive soccer team. They high-five as perfect beads of sweat form on dainty noses while oxygenated blood flushes their cheeks and lips a flattering shade of pink. Afterward they admire one another’s muscles while sipping on organic spirulina smoothies.

Obviously this is not reality for most people. It’s definitely far less glamorous in my household.

My husband and I are active people. We were that annoying couple who used to go on runs and to the gym together. Keeping fit and active made us feel good and less guilty once happy-hour rolled around.

The day I found out I was pregnant we still went for our run and I continued to cycle to work and go to the gym a few times per week.

When we had our daughter eating, sleeping and showering became the priorities and working-out tumbled down my list. I did not see the inside of a gym for nine months. My husband was to come directly home from work because by that time of day I was near meltdown. Fun times.

I consciously decided to be kind to myself for my lapse in fitness. It took acknowledging that I was learning to raise a baby- far more important work than toning my abs (and far more difficult!) My biceps may have been neglected but now I feel mentally stronger and more confident. It sounds cliche but my body amazingly birthed a human being so I’m not going to disrespect it by creating unrealistic expectations.


These days with a two year old- it’s near impossible to find an activity that’s appropriate for all three of us. Of course we like to chase our tot around the house like goofballs but that won’t burn nearly enough weekend-Chardonnay calories. As a result we support one another to exercise separately.

With our divide and conquer approach to staying active we are each able to get a sweat-up and some alone time all in one.

Our Gym has child-minding so the thought of having a mommy-break is motivation in itself for my weekly workouts. My husband is a legend (and a morning person) so he gets up before the sun to crank out a session before his work day. When it comes to our little one, I always try and find a way to wear her out, whether it’s the playground, a walk or running around the house, so she takes a long afternoon nap. Win-win.


On the weekend my husband and I try and take turns. I generally go to yoga Saturday mornings and he will sneak off for a nice long gym session in the afternoon. It’s wonderful to do things together as a family but for now it’s just more efficient taking an individual approach to physical activity.


Fitness is a cornerstone in our family and by valuing it I think we are going to be able to set a good example for the little one(s). We may not have magazine hair and matching uniforms but we are setting up the foundation for a lifetime of good habits, good health and that’s realistic enough for me.



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