A Quick Holiday Gift Guide Curated by Mamas for Mamas

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Oh crap, it’s almost Christmastime. Again. You’d think we’d be so good at this by now but frankly the holidays sneak up on us every year. We go scrambling for presents for everyone on our list, grownups included. So we thought maybe if we share some of what we’re buying our besties – and mamas and sisters – you can piggyback on our shopping list.

Here’s our 2017 quickie guide to gifts that are just what you need when you want to…

Show the world who’s boss

boss lady t-shirt - mini boss t-shirt

We love these Boss Fam t-shirts when we’re feeling matchy-matchy! Chances are your little kids will love dressing up just like mama!

Help your bestie broadcast her mama pride

tiny tags mommy jewelry

For super personal mommy jewelry, Tiny Tags is where it’s at! Gold + your kiddos’ names? What’s not to love?

Give your little ones something to dream on

fox play mat baby lounger beanbag chair

Our Sweet playmat is ultra soft and ultra pretty so you don’t mind it taking up precious square footage in the living room.

Make an acquaintance feel special

best friend gift mom gift guide candle

Look, it’s a really nice candle and we love the message. Mom friends get weird! Why not make a new friend with a prezzie?

Your sister is all about yoga

matching pineapple leggings moms girls

These butter soft leggings for your and her little girl? You gotta LOVE it! And so will she.

Your mama’s a tough gal and you love her

coffee mug best friends mom gifts guide

Mom friends know we’re nada until we’ve had our morning joe! But how about our own moms? Tell your mama like it is with this mug!

You know a stylish cyclist

pocampo bike bag cute holiday gift guide

Uptown Trunk is a super cute purse that’s also secretly a rack bag for mamas (and non-mamas) who like to hit the road on two wheels.

You need something for your favorite niece


This fleece unicorn robe from Forever 21 is cozy and cute and perfect for the super cool tween in your life.

You need a little something for the work Secret Santa

jewelry hanger holiday gift guide secret santa

Who can’t use a special place to show off their special jewelry? This gold jewelry holder keeps earrings in pairs and necklaces together – or will find a home through regifting.

Happy shopping!



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