9 Easy Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves

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Are you a little sick of seeing Christmas craft ideas that are supposedly for kids but are obviously made by moms behind the scene? Yeah, me, too. If I can’t actually sit down with my 4-year-old and watch her do most of the work, I’m not interested. That’s why I put together a list of Christmas crafts for kids from around the web that are just perfect for keeping little ones busy while you’re making the Christmas cookies – or hiding from your in-laws in the closet and drinking the Christmas wine.

Have fun!

Older kids can glue and paint the popsicle sticks themselves, while little kids will need your help putting the trees together but will have plenty of fun decorating their own tiny Christmas trees. Directions here.

All you need are some unbreakable ball ornaments, a little non-toxic paint, and time, and you’ll have some sweet, meaningful Christmas ornaments that your little ones can give to friends and family as gifts. Directions here.

How cute are these little foam Christmas ornaments? If you use self-adhesive stars and decorations, even really little kids and toddlers can make their own. Try it with felt, too. Directions here.

You toss enough toilet paper roll tubes into the recycling bin (which is great) but why not use them for something more fun? There are so many decorations and ornaments that start with a simple cardboard tube, and most are easy enough for tiny hands to do solo. Directions here.

Grab another set of unbreakable ball ornaments and get the paint because there’s another adorable Christmas craft idea that makes a great gift for grandparents. Directions here.

For kids who love to glue, break out this Christmas craft idea for a rainy (or snowy) day! This is a great one for mamas who have a stash of buttons laying around. Instead of green, try different coordinating colors. Directions here.

We have one of these hanging on our tree and love it! This is a great Christmas craft for kids who are just learning to use scissors and trace. Directions here.

Or try this variation of the button Christmas tree that starts with a felt “tree” and requires nothing more than buttons and craft paste. You can also use glitter, gems, and other craft embellishments. Directions here.

Finally, how adorable is this snowman craft? We love it because our daughter is just nutso for cotton balls and glue sticks! Directions here.

What are your favorite Christmas crafts for kids?




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