5 Reasons Moms Love Coffee

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Do you know drinking coffee might help you live longer? I didn’t, but that didn’t stop me from waking up and drinking like half a pot of the stuff. Are moms way too obsessed with coffee? Probably, but it’s tradition. I can remember neighborhood moms throwing on a pot of coffee before their friends walked in. That’s just what you did – and still what a lot of us do. Why? I’m going to tell you five of the reasons I, and a lot of other moms, love coffee so damn much.


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1. Moms are tired… obviously.

Who gets up most nights with squalling babies and sad toddlers? Moms. Who handles all the emotional labor in most households? Moms. Who goes to work to bring home the bacon and then fries it up in a pan? Not all moms but lots of moms. Who braves the school pickup line, buys the groceries, scrubs the toilets, and still tries to make every damn day enriching for the kids? Moms. We’re #$%& exhausted for a reason. Note: Some dads do it all, too, so that’s why we make enough coffee for everyone.

2. It’s like a warm hug.

A lot of things about motherhood are pure bliss but then there’s the other 10% (which could be described as pure poop – sometimes literally). Coffee is a socially acceptable treat that doesn’t cost all that much and how many treats do us moms usually get in an average day? Other than coffee, the answer is probably zero. I know when my little guy has a rough night and I’m trying to coax him back to sleep I’m already thinking about how great that first cup of coffee will be. And when I’ve had a long, hard day, making myself a latte just the way I like it is a great way to shrug off the stress.

3. Coffee is good for us!

Most of the time, anyway. On any given day the science reported can change but in general researchers think coffee may protect our bodies from type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It may also help the body fight off Parkinson’s and certain cancers. And did you know that drinking coffee is connected to lower rates of suicide? Wow! Let me go put on another pot!

4. It tastes good.

This is the obvious one. I happen to take mine black but if you prefer your coffee frothed up, super sweet and all kinds of creamy, good for you. It takes all kinds of mamas to raise a village and we should all get to like the things we like without being shamed for it. Hmmm, maybe coffee is democratic, too – it’s something that can bring different kinds of mamas together!

And finally…

5. Coffee makes me a better mom!

I’m not kidding. Like at all. Whether it’s a plain old black cup of java or a latte with chocolate foam, sitting down with a cup of coffee is pretty much the only break I – a busy working mom – ever get. Coffee is my excuse to get up 15 minutes before I have to wake up the kids so I have a tiny slice of alone time. It’s my afternoon excuse to stop what I’m doing (as in everything I’m doing) to unwind. Without coffee, I’d have no explanation for breaks. With coffee, I can say, hey, mama just needs a minute to have a coffee. And sometimes the kids even listen!

So, how do YOU take your coffee?




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