Jogger Much?! I Just Came Across the Most Incredible Stroller!

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Hello Friends! Good Morning! Happy Monday!

I have an exciting post for you today!

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Hello Mamas & GB to share this fab 1X Urban Runner Jogging Stroller with you!

When my friends reached out and asked if I’d like to give this jogging stroller a whirl, I was thrilled. We have an old jogging stroller…like 7 years old…it’s giant and clunky and I look like a pathetic Hulk wanna-be when I try to lift it into my van.

…so when the insanely sleek and lightweight Urban Runner was delivered to my doorstep, my heart beamed with joy. …and you guys…I’m in love with it!

No joke…when it’s folded up, I can easily lift it with one arm. #beastmode …or just #lightstrollermode


{Not Pictured: The series of photos I made Mike take of me running around the front yard in my socks carrying the stroller above my head, pretending to be a super athlete champion.}

…anyway…when we pulled the stroller out of the box the only assembly required was to clip the wheels in place. It took 2 seconds. I like short assembly times. There is nothing worse than receiving happy mail and having to wait for your husband to come home from work to put it together for you.

Ladies…you can assemble this, 9 months pregnant…with your eyes closed.

As soon as the stroller was set up and ready to go my heart sank when I noticed the handlebar was a little high. I’m short-ish and the height was just a little uncomfortable…but the problem was immediately solved when I discovered that the handle bar was adjustable! So cool and easy to change!


…but the best part…The Urban Runner has flexible leg suspension for superior shock absorption on any surface. Dumbed down: It glides {super} smoothly on pavement and continues to glide smoothly when you chase your kids off road onto the dirt path.  …and it’s equipped with a hand brake for when you get a little carried away. #SafetyFirst

I also love that the Urban Runner has a giant canopy. The Texas sunshine is killer and all my kids were happy to have proper sun protection.

Especially “Too Cool For School” BryLee:


…and “Ever The Diva” Ellie:

Maverick was more into running away:

Another thing I love is the giant COVERED storage area under the stroller. Perfect for snacks, purses, water bottles, a Chipolte Burrito picnic, and/or Mav’s rock collection.

This stroller is top of the line fancy and I felt like a legit cool mom pushing it around this weekend. I can’t wait to take it on more adventures!

Definitely an awesome stroller to have. …not just for jogging moms…but for adventuring families.

…and rumor has it, you may just be able to win one! What!? Yes!

My name is MaLyn! …Professional stay-at-home mom, budding writer, avid burrito connoisseur, gold accessory enthusiast, princess Kate fanatic, and vanilla diet Dr. Pepper obsessed! I live in San Antonio Texas with my husband, Mike, and our 3 wildly adorable kids, BryLee, Ellie, and Maverick. Mike’s a super computer nerd saving the world one line of code at a time, and I play carpool while juggling children, errands, blogging, and my online shop. I believe that happiness is a choice. I am an advocate for magical childhoods. Laughter is my favorite past-time and enjoying life is my thing. You can follow my happy little chaotic life adventure on Instagram: @malyn.logic and/or on the blog:

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  1. Olivia Ross

    This stroller looks amazing!!! Fingers and toes crossed for #rossfamilyonthego

  2. Jessie R.

    GB makes such an amazing line of products. They did an amazing job with this stroller. I’m loving that large canopy and the storage area! I have a smaller care so the fold up size on this is a game changer! Thanks for the awesome review and giveaway!

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